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365 black mcdonalds


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What does referring to ethnic minorities as 'you lot' have to do with me saying we don't call Indians black?


The more educated less ignorant probably wouldnt, but ive heard indians referred to as "black cunts" a lot.


I'm a shade of tan closer to the white side than the black side and i get called black. Albeit its from the group of aussies that like the southern cross a lot.

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I do try to avoid the McDonald's drive-thrus that have a majority of black employees. Nowadays, most of them do - especially late night.


I have never seen a fast food joint staffed by anything but straight up fresh over the border messicans with just the most rudimentary grasp of the English language. With in-n-out being the one noteable exception.

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you and soup should form a club called "the league of knowing everything about every different culture and/or subject" and you can spend the days holding hands, frolicking through fields of flowers and being wrong about mostly everything







Im not a bullshitter, I actually know a lot about a lot‚Not that I'm proud of it—that's me admitting I have an an addiction to the internet. I mean, I thank god I'm not some faggot who spends time following usernames on a forum and pretends to know the personalities of people 5,000 miles away from me who i've never met before, but my addiction is no less real.

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p.s. props to my ultRa fine bangin hot bootyliscous wifey for the tip on this madness:five-o:


I got your negs coming in just a minute. Normally I wouldn't give a fuck because you are one of the few who posts their bench, but there hasn't been an update in months and everyone knows it's a rookie mistake to brag about your supposedly hot wife with no pics to back it up.

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