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I'm sure some of you other nerds are playing this game. I'm late to the party and bought it a few days ago.


Got so strung out, I went and bought a new t.v. to play it on.


For those not in the know, it's the gosh-darndest best open world RPG in the solar system.


Here's some screenshots:








Here's my dude, cold kickin' it. Just got into the Dark Brotherhood and junk...




Figured we could use this thread to trade info, tips, etc.


Don't bother telling me if there's a Skyrim thread in like Duty-Free or something because I never go in there, so suck it.

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downloaded it for PC ...


play it sometimes.



it's massive. i shot an arrow into a wooly mammoth somewhere in the snow, then outta nowhere some giant motherfucker came at me with his club, one shot to the dome and I was out.


is this an online game? seems like a fallout type of game.



i play most games on PC cuz of my sik rig y0. and i've always been too poor to support developers. but I did buy battlefield 3 for myself for christmas. worth it.

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i copped it the day after i saw bojangles post on FB about it.


I am playing as a nord, with a mage skill as my specialty stone.

So far I have yet to start going to the evil side, playing more the hero route.


To early to really speak on it, my only complaint so far is that you have to visit a place before you fast travel. It takes forever to get around sometimes if you dont have a horse.




/got the book, feel like a cheater

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