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This is the peanut is a whiny bitch thread. Stop acting like a victim and man up.


You don't like where you're at, change it.


The city of Philadelphia is not the reason you got caught up with bullshit, sounds like you're running away and a quitter.


Yo just living in Philly will catch you up in a lot of bullshit though.

"City of brotherly love" is a huge oxymoron.


Not arguing with you about dude being a whiny quitter, just saying though.

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theres white chicks who think their black, black girls who are super black, guido bitches, and stuck up preppy bitches for the most part.


you just described every female everywhere.


im sure there are a couple crusty skid bitches with dreads and metallica t-shirts in jersey.

sounds like thats what turns your crank.


ps. i must spread rep before giving more props to dao and eviltrailer. niggas had me dying.

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Excuses, there is no place on the east coast that is more than an hour drive from freights. Sideages, customer spots, lay-ups or full blown yards, they are out there, you just need to put forth the effort and go look.



there has GOT to be something near by.

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You must spread some rep before giving it to Cool_Hand again...


You should go out & bench, then post the results in Metal Heads.

Fuck are you waiting for?

Much, much props if you do...




i know at least 10 freight yards...but i dont drive, not gonna walk 20miles to a freight yard and back


na i got a license but no car, i lived in the city, no need when a train or bus can take you anywhere.


uh are you on dope or dog food?

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