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If anyone is interested


Group name = OONTZ


Group password = oontz69


You can choose for people not to see your email


Don't make your name something obscene, or else they bring down the ban hammer. I'd

recommend just using your oontz screen name



did you do this. i am trying to join and being denied

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brady, rodgers, brees went 1,2,3... so i stole foster.

janikowski went in like the 4th rd! hahaha fuckin noobz


gonna see if clarke does anything the first couple weeks then dump him if hes a bust.







very small league. dropping weddle for jared allen




you can see i like AJ Green, Wallace, and Dez this season....

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Picking a WR in round one is a bad strategy, you could easily get Julio Jones or someone almost as good, but prime RBs are in short supply, and having Brady/Rogers/Brees or even Stafford would be a better use of the high pick. I can not justify picking Megatron as a first pick when the guy throwing passes to him is in a position much scarcer for high level points. I have done a ton of mocks and several drafts, and they all end up best if you pick QB/RB if you can get an elite QB, or RB/RB if you want to hold out for Payton, Romo, or Matt Ryan (who will have a killer year)



I was in a league where someone drafted Cam #1 overall pick. Crazy.

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Oh, if anyone is interested I am making a last chance league drafting tomorrow night, anyone want in? It doesn't look like there is a 12oz league this year, just pick em?




Well, I set one up if people want in, draft is tomorrow at 9:30 ET


League ID: 863736

PW: 12ozprophet



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cool we have enough to at least draft now, I posted it on reddit now to fill it out with some randoms to at least get 10 teams, Ill expand it to 12 if any oontzers get locked out

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Bedframe, we drafted similarly I just had one a few hours ago


Team Name "Gerhart in tha paint"

*QB: Tom Brady

*RB1: Michael Turner

*WR1:Victor Cruz

*RB2: Fred Jackson

*TE: Jermichael Finley

*WR2: Dez Bryant

*Flex: Stevie Johnson

*BENCH: Jaquizz Rodgers (RB )

*C.J. Spiller (RB )

*Rashad Jennings (RB )

*Toby Gerhart (RB )

*Santonio Holmes (WR)

*Issac Redman (RB )

*DST: Texans

*K: Jason Hanson


in that order

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Draft is set at 4:45 PM CENTRAL time - it was set at 9:15 AM and I changed it as late as it would allow, I will try and bump it back to 8:15 central if yahoo will let me, but if I can be prepared, or at least set your auto pick


If I can set it later, I will and I will inform you all here, and in the league

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