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Central Indiana Bench 1 (reup is skurred to fight edition)


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Only you and I know that in a fight, I would win, that's why you didn't say anything back to me, you're saving your speech because you are so skurred... go ahead and publicly name a boxing ring in my town, Indianapolis, come thru, because I am so poor and can't afford to get out of here... I know what you look like and I am sure, you thinking about me all the time, like you're momma, knows what I look like, not even given the fact that your daddy has my picture taped to the bottom of his cane.

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hahaha.. who cares what you know and also all that shit your yapping about is all figments of your imagination.. damn your pussy must be hurting over something i did to you..


again, man up, tell us all who you are and take those pills you forget to take this morning..


someone pm me this idiots info.


what a waste of a thread and my time..

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