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Little help winning this mix contest


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I always make sure to vote for everyone who posts any contest on here, usually multiple times, so do a fellow oontzer . Im trying to win this mix contest, the official prize is just a t shirt, but the owner of the label knows me and said if I get enough votes he is going to try and book me on a show in ATL, and I could really use that sort of exposure. If you guys could take literally 1 minute of your time to make this happen for me, I would be eternally in your debt.



If any of you guys could vote for me, you can do it one of 3 ways



1 ) Go to This Web Page and leave a message voting for "DefWish" - my mix is #7, called ZStep DefMatch if you want to hear it


2 ) If you want to vote on twitter, tweet @Zone3 and tell them you vote for DefWish



3 ) go to http://www.facebook.com/thefreakbeat and leave a message saying you vote for DefWish




I really appreciate it, and I was going to try and keep it out of channel 0, but one of the other guys is making a last second push. Voting ends Fri at midnight, so I need to secure this for real for real. Thanks in advance guys, I know you wont let me down.

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I do not facebook nor tweet, I can see your mixtape on the list but do not see where to vote. What am I missing?


just leave a comment below ALL the mixes on that page; you have to be signed into Facebook, Yahoo, or a couple other linked services.


we have to comment using our facebook profiles? bro, im hella anonymus so tha cops cant be tryna see me. all city n shit


p.s some of you facebook based voters are ugly motherfuckers.



I knew I left a super secret way of voting out, you can EMAIL info@freakstep.com directly and vote for me so nobody will ever see you. Also I did not know you could vote on that page through a yahoo profile, so there's that. Thanks everyone, even the ugly ones.

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