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CARMAX - bought from or know anyone who has bought from them?


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going to test drive something next week but carmax has horrible reviews all over the internet for selling lemons.


taken with caution but a grain of salt


people rarely take to time to make a review if nothing went wrong......





lookin at an 06 Z... lowest miles ive found on one is theirs.

also checking out one at a actual dealer Sat but it has like 20k more mi



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get da carfax on the carmax dawg stay up mane u cant b thinkin dat dey aint gunna fuk around n sell u sum shit u gott 2 be on ur grind n watch ya bak cuz u got 2 protect ya shit nawmean dey on da hustle 2 get they dollas da 1st thing u need 2 kno is dey gon took u if they could took u u gotta think like marlo stanfield my g he been thru mad shit wit prop joe n dem nurgas was gnna b about takin him but dey aint cuz he had his shit tite bruh bruh u need 2 realize man u aint listening man i cant get thru 2 u but u gon buy sum shit from dese clowns n den u gonna be mad fuck that work b

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got an Infinity and the wifey a BMW from them.. what I like about Carmax is that they dont play games like regular dealers do.. they not gona let u take the car home then call u a week later talkin bout they need more down! lol but yeah u get what u get from there... just make sure u take someone with u that knows about ''under hood'' and what not..

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sold to them

it went amazingly well.


an old coworker bought from them

price seemed a tad expensive to me, but there was no haggle and she was very happy. she got a scion

i think they aren't selling crappy cars. they said no way would they be selling mine.


...edit * of course, who the fuck knows. buying a car is a HUGE pain in the ass

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carmax has horrible reviews all over the internet for selling lemons.


people rarely take to time to make a review if nothing went wrong......





^You already answered your own question.


My pops went looking at cars there once and he said that their pricing was fucking ridiculous for the piece of shits they were trying to pawn him.

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i've once taken my car to carmax to get it appraised, and i'd say the quote was pretty fair. the experience there is pretty smooth, but i never heard of lemons being sold.


also, i think carfax's are bullshit. when i took said car to carmax for a quote, they pulled up the carfax and it was all clean...didn't show anything regarding a past accident when an H2 hummer smashed the rear...on the flip side though, the dude inspecting my car knew right away it had previous damage.. he ran his hand on the underside of the body in the trunk, and felt welds that shouldn't of been there


i rather just buy private...find one that you seem to like, get it checked out by a mechanic, look for receipts and past invoices for service, etc.


on another note, my father used this recently:




worked out really good for him, and got an unbelievable price for a new car

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for some reason i would not fuck with carfax, kinda like i would not go to rentacenter for a tv. i went there once with someone looking and i was quite unimpressed with the cars and prices. also the people working seem to think you are an idiot. the biggest thing though for me about places like this are the interest rates of loans. that "we guarantee you credit for a car" bs. yea and you will be paying 6-8 yrs for a 06. pass....

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Here is how carmax business model works;


They buy up cars from the northern states that have low mileage and heavy salt damage on the body from rust


They buy up cars from the south that have high mileage but no rust damage


they send southern cars to the northern states, and northern cars from the southern states






I got a car from them once, it was a bit overpriced, but it was clean and ran well for years, and they covered service for 6 months... but their service is TERRIBLE; they disconnected my cruise control and never fixed it back.




Really the best way to buy a car is off of Clist with a pocket full of cash and a mechanic friend to help you out; I got a 2001 Volvo S80 with $160,000 miles fully loaded with slight exterior damage and the leather peeled off of the center console for $1900. I put 400$ worth of work for spark plugs, alignment, and tires and am good to go. First car I have ever owned with a sunroof, remote entry, power heated seats, and leather, for far under blue book even AFTER repairs, and it drives like a dream



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