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Liquitex Spray Paint

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from hearing the reviews in here it doesn't seem worth the hassle. it wouldn't matter if that was the king of all paints with the best color selection available, i don't think you can justify a price like that. MTN is about half the cost and has proven itself to be of high quality, so i don't see how liquitex can compete with them or molotow/sabotaz etc. i suggest they drop that price by half if they want to continue to be marketable, even richy rich type fools would probably be hesitant to touch this shit at that price.


its just not doable from a writers standpoint or a fine art standpoint imo. who is going to pay out the ass for spray paint?

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you're an idiot bro. and your company (which i know you are a part of, because no one would dickride so hard for an overpriced can of paint) will find out soon enough that no one is going to pay out the nose for your shitty paint. if your paint cant stand up to the elements outside, then whats the use? because frankly i can find cheaper paint that CAN stand the elements and can also rock well on a canvas. is this paint made for outside use? i doubt it considering its water based.


also, i've seen your fucking videos, if it isn't aimed at graffiti artists, why the hell did you put them in it? you obviously don't know shit about graffiti or graffiti writers because if you did, you'd know we rarelypay for shit that we can steal instead (which is whats likely going to happen to your paint) and when we do buy paint, it better be good fucking quality for our money.


negged for your unending faggotry.

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You defo get what you pay for when it comes to art materials...


From reviews of unbiased artists that have actually paid for it, not done testing for free with it, it would seem you simply get ripped off with this brand.


Us humans have been doing graff for centuries, long before internet forums were invented.


I thought this had nothing to do with graffiti? Why are you here? Is your non commercial, emotional attachment to this inferior, over priced product really that strong?


Jeez, you are a challenged bunch.


Ridicule people who are paying for the product you are pushing, and giving an honest review - you sound exactly like a struggling artist. We don't like, because we don't understand it. OK.


Hey whats up Mr Protester... you sound like one of those kids that got pushed around n called 'fag' at skool. ha ha. Get over it n get with the century.


Just cos it's in a can, it doesn't mean it's made for 80's style 20 second throw ups...


Not really worth responding to, but I'm bored as shit, sun isn't up yet.


In the posted video there is a 'graffiti artist' - I know we're challenged, obviously, but you must be a few rungs lower on the ladder if you don't think that video was somewhat aimed at graffiti artists.


My only real question for you, is, did you donate to Kony 2012?

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Aside from all the bitching...I thought i would share my thoughts out of boredom.

I used this paint over the weekend for a educational event, If it were not for this water based spray paint i would not have been able to participate, and get paid for the event. It doesn't really smell at all which is nice. This paint seems to serve a specific propose, Inside work..


The next day i went and tested out the leftover cans in an abandoned building with some raw wall. It seemed to stick to the wall and cover pretty well. I used Rusto, Kilz, and Sabotaz in combination with the Liqutex paint and it mixed with them fine as long as the other paints were dry.


THAT BEING SAID. For 13$ a can the valve on this is pretty terrible. It doesn't stay consistent and almost every cap I tried stuttered (like clogged rusto stocks) right off the bat.(banana skinny, Universals, NY Fats). It also takes forever to dry, which I find annoying but what can you expect from a water based paint. I think its common sense that using this paint outside is a bad idea.A few other MAJOR downsides are the price, and the fact that Michael's locks its up..



If your paying for this paint, it is NOT worth your time or money. Although if you can manage to get some for free the colors are nice and will work just fine for Inside work. I really don't think this paint will last...If it hits 3$ a can (doubt it..) I would consider purchasing a small amount.


Take it or leave it!

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$9?! Dafaq is with that?! That's a couple happy meals for da tummy, so screw that!


Sheesh...I'm gonna get some Fresh Paint from OinkArt and test those out. And the cost is STUPID CHEAP...$2.95 a can (plus 10$ for shipping of the order...so you'd have to buy X amount of cans in order for you to actually save money) is way more worth it in my book.


Plus I'm ordering more CoversAll cans from ArtPrimo.

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I scammed a few cans of this paint. The ones I used today were phthalocyanine green 5. It looks about like rusto Night Tide, a shade lighter perhaps.


The ambient temperature was 89 degrees. The surface it was applied to was a rusty paint chipped gondola. This paint was applied with the stock black comfort tip it comes with.The paint went on cleanly and applied very evenly. No real sagging or dripping even with multiple applications of the paint in the same spot before drying. Dry time was under 2 minutes to the touch.


The paint was applied both underneath and over Ironlak chrome. The liquitex worked well with the ironlak chrome and was opaque over the the chrome with the first coat. Rustoleum satin white (classic valve system) was also used both over and under the liquitex. The liquitex was used as an outline. The stock cap with the can gave a predictable line quality that remained largely unchanged for the duration of the 1.75 cans used to complete the outline. Since the stock cap worked so well with the first can and maintained a clean line the same one was used for the second can, saving the extra cap for later.


Kinda wondering what the wear will end up being. Overall the paint was pretty nice, I don't have a single complaint with it. The paint itself, the valve and the stock cap are all far better than ironlak/other chinese copies of similar product. Its worth the effort to get as long as you aren't paying




The coverage on this paint is as good as any other premium paint. The coverage would be comparable to classic painters touch jade.

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Ok yall. I hear lots of angry resentful comments about being ripped off , comparisons to montana and ironlak, and hipsters.

All those comments are null and void. They dont get you anywhere. No answers, no solutions, no new knowledge. Theyre just assumptions and plain old bitching.


Hipsters will be hipsters, but a great artist who truly loves his craft will use quality products for his creations if he has the means to afford them. Also, he needs to know what the hell the benefits and special uses of materials are. And hey, sometimes a rich hipster can be real talented.....but usually when he has a real fucked up family.


Ive been doin graff 13 years. I write RESKEW, ACC, MBK.

The past few years i have got into "fine art", using acrylic brush paints, such as this brand LIQUITEX ( when i can afford it.) i usually buy the cheaper store brand, but this brand definitely is different.

Graff writers are not familiar with these paints and why they cost more. I had no idea till years of practice and research with acrylics.

ill give u a few tips.


No need to compare this to graff paint. IF u wanna just graff, then get graff brands or rusto, ETC. Yes, its cheaper. Stop bitching about the price. This is a quality product. Takes more money and effort to make, so hence the price. If your boss asks you to do a job twice as difficult as usual, you will expect a higher pay, right? Do you need this paint for ur graff to be good? NO. Does the price increase make your graff that much better or convenient? NO . You can use fucking crayola markers to do some dope shit if u got the skills. But a low quality product might not last. Only buy this if u know lots about acrylics and KNOW that it will benefit you!


If you are on another level, using acrylic paints, this is a GREAT product to use in conjunction, especially if u already have spraying skills. I just did a big ass graff piece on a 53 foot semi trailer ALL WITH BRUSH PAINTS> thats how much i love using the brush now, after years of spraying. Using both together is great too. But for bombin- its not ideal. Takes longer.


WATER BASED DOES NOT MEAN " WASHABLE". This is water based rather than solvent based. In its tube form, you can mix it with water to dilute it. When its still wet, you can do things to it with water, where as with reg spraypaint, if u added water to it, it would fuck it all up.


If you like doing colorful pieces, i suggest getting some cheap acrylic paints and brushes and working on cardboard or somehting for practice. Once you learn, its fun stuff. I have a bunch of tutorials on youtube with tips and ideas on how to use them with graff.

By the way, dont prime your cardboard or whatever with latex paint if youre going to use acrylics. The paint wont stick well to the latex.





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I've got a coupla cans knocking about at home. It's not graff paint, and it doesn't claim to be really; it's just aerosol acrylics. Good for portraits, canvas work, and indoor events. Saw a few UK heads use it at a SubismxLiquitex event and you can get some GORGEOUS colour and depth out of it. Drippy and very liquid though.


Price will come down I reckon.

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