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Saturday Sugar Glider Thread


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I always thought it would be kool to have one of those as a pet. A buddy of my in jail told me a couple he hung out with had one and the little bastards develop menacing habits. It would only come out of it "hanging sleeping pouch" to eat and glide around, screech/make weird noises and bite on occasions.

That may also be attributed to all the tumble that was said smoked around the little fellow!







In my same three month stint, I met a guy every one called "Monkey man". He was in my "trustee" group. So one day I ask him how he got the nickname.

He then proceeds to tell me how him and his old lady use to hit up pet shops and steal different "exotic and rare" animals. He said his wife loved them! One day there in this exotic animal store/small zoo and come across on of these fuckers. He said it was on, while his wife distracts the owner he picks the lock and sneaks the creature out of the store under his jacket!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant tell you exactly how he got busted but i can tell you it was for something stupid. and this is what he stole,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





and i forgot to mention he said his house was littered with all sorts of strange "critters"/ and he did at one time have a Sugar glider it died after it feel into a toilet and drowned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '


They must not be very good swimmers and I guess that makes it a floater.

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