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The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor


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Just a couple days ago, I racked a toilet plunger. My wife called me at work, said the toilet was backed up, she tried using the plunger we acquired by finding in a place we moved into previously. She had called the landlord, he told her "it's not his problem..."


So i only had enough cash to keep my truck taking me to work for 3 more days, check day. I got home from work, the toilet was still full of piss and toilet paper... (side note, women use too much TP when they piss) I got all pissed, counted out $5 in nickels and dimes from my coffee can of change, and hoofed it to the hardware store. I found the plungers, the cheapest one, was $8.50, I got even more pissed, picked up one, unscrewed the handle, stuffed the cup part down my pants, and slid the handle up the sleeve of my jacket and went back home.


The toilet un-clogged, first try, with the newly acquired plunger, I took a shit, flushed it twice, then ate some microwave-baked potatos.


Fuck being poor, can't wait for that tax check this year.


My dude.....hahahaha

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been said, but shoplifting to eat.


selling drugs to make the rent payment.

a lot of times ending up more fucked financially because of it.



not proud of it now.


growing up i didnt get nice shit, so when i finally was old enough to make money i became ocd as fuck about keeping any gear i had purchased in tip top shape.

still do this to this day, constantly cleaning kicks, no matter what vehicle i own any little scrape or mark bothers me for weeks afterward.


turning the oven on when the furnace fucks up in the winter in an apartment.

not sure about some of you southern cats, but up north that shit gets real.

shit goes hand in hand with the 5 blankets thing.






thankfully, im at a point in my life now where this shit is no longer an occurrence.


i dont forget though.

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Yo, I didn't grow grow up up poor poor

But once you get grown and out on your own

Bills upon bills upon bills is what you have

Before you get your check then you've already spent half

See I make money, money doesn't make me

I'm a reflection of my section and my section's 8


I had the opposite experience where I grew up (lower)middle class, but as the years passed, the scrub of my step dad began dragging the family down with him.

He taught me how to be a poor man's rich man.

Going to high end resale/estate shops, and dumpster/alley diving in the rich areas of Chicagoland.

I'll give him credit for getting Brooks Brothers suits for $10, and antique furniture for almost nothing.


He fucked up a few get rich quick deals where he ended up putting our familly a million in debt. Lost the house, cars, dignity, basically everything.

Repo men, harassed by bill collectors, shit was beat.


My mom had to change her name, declare bankruptcy and support the family on a catholic school teacher's salary.. that was getting garnished.

I still to this day don't know exactly what he did, and I never want to know. He's still a scrub leeching off my mom.

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INJURY!!! Quik! Give this thread a HIP HOP BOOSTR SHOT!


hahaha. just calling it as i seent it. i feel like people on ch 0 feel a constant need to prove how hard they are, chill. it's channel 0.



i was raised thrifty, not necessarily poor.


never stole shit to support anyone but myself. stole to support vandalism and a nasty drinking habit.


never sold drugs.


i AM guilty of keeping things clean as fuck. friends think im anal but if i pay $100 for a pair of sneakers, please believe im not walking on the grass with 'em. i only beat up shoes that cost less than $40-50. you can usually find me at discount stores, and please believe i clip coupons especially for back to school shit/business formalwear. my prom tuxedo cost around $45, original price? $250.


i dont own designer shit with the exception of nikes, never really had polo or any shit like that unless it was a hand me down. I had some crazy hand me downs in the mid 90s that i didnt save, sadly ... cross colors and a starter jacket or two.


a ton of my clothes are blank/plain color because i cant be bothered to pay extra for brands.

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Getting caught up in the system..

Committing crimes

wanting to change and fix your life but you're stuck

so you commit more crime to make ends meet

getting caught up again and again for the same damn shit

Trying to think of a way not to be poor & fly straight but all plans seem to fail

Doing drugs just to ease the pain & make you forget about bullshit for a while....

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Well, of course, we had it tough. We used to 'ave to get up out of shoebox at twelve o'clock at night and lick road clean wit' tongue. We had two bits of cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at mill for sixpence every four years, and when we got home our Dad would slice us in two wit' bread knife.


In my day we woke up before we went to sleep, chopped up 2 ton of wood with a blunt razor blade, walked 625 miles to the school house where we had to stand in the windows to stop the snow getting in then we ate cardboard and broken glass for our only meal of the day. And that was all before the toilet blocked and we had to snap it off at the base because we had no plunger, now we use a wet dirty hole in the floor, did I mention the 625 mile walk?

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Listening hard for noises, esp. at night because your floor has collapsed and animals ('possum, rats) occasionally get in, killing them if they did.


Skinning animals/making stuff out of their bones and trying to sell it.


The barter system.


Fried bologna.


Showers and shits by candlelight because electricity bill cant be paid til next week/month.


Single-wide state of minds...

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