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The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor


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I think some of you nurgas could learn a thing or two from this...

The quick and easy


5) You develop a taste for shitty food


4) Extra money has to be spent right goddamn now!!


3) You want to go overboard on gift giving


2) You become an excessive bean-counter


1) You think with the short term in mind

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you think eating at applebees or the olive garden is living the highlife


you eat ramen for every meal even though you know it will eventually lead to you having a massive stroke


no A/C so you use a spray bottle to cool yourself down in the summer.


no running water? no problem, steal it from your neighbors hose.


lock on the door is busted and you are too broke to have it fixed, send your kids through the window so they can unlock it from the inside.



not really habits, but whatever. i know i wasn't the only one doing this.

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This should be retitled to


The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor In The Developed World




In the under-developed world it would be more like:


Bathe once a month if you can find water without visible life forms swimming in it


Eat food that has been cooked in oil that has been recycled and used for the last 18 months, which you bought on the street from some one with even less money than you


Eat food with cardboard mixed in to it to stop the pain in your stomach for a few hours


develop bladder infections that you can't afford medicine for after using underwear that was worn by three people before yourself


Die in winter.



I've witnessed all of these things and I fucking hate it because now I can't bring myself to laugh at poverty any more. Stupid poor people, ruin everything.

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