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Graffiti artist David Choe took Facebook stock as payment for painting their walls...


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So does he actually write, or are they just calling him a "graffiti artist" because he used spraypaint?



(I only read a paragraph or two before losing interest.)



I've seen him up around town a few years ago... I would say it's "street art." He would draw these cartoon characters along the freeway... people, animals, etc. He would do these big whales on the freeway and put messages next to them.

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i remember first seeing him in that whales and orgies video where he drew giant whales all over the place. dude seemed cool. then saw the thumbs up show. lucky dude. good for him. i just hope they document a show featuring the demise of David Choe.

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Was on the atome blog and he linked an interview of this dude on Howard Stern's show. Started off with them talking about tantric masturbation wen he was in that japanese prison...then it mentions Facebook. He got offered 60g's to paint the whole place, not one grand.


Still, dude seems pretty cool, did a canvas of Stern for the show which i wouldn't mind seeing it.

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