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Strange sounds heard worldwide

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So, I looked at these videos from an audio-guys standpoint, and most of them seem pretty fishy.


I downloaded the videos, extracted the sound and analysed it using super secret pro audio toolz (Audacity):


Manitoba: This one is pretty ridiculous. The sounds don't even sound like they where recorded with the rest of the audio. They even have a bit of digital delay added, which makes this even more obvious. Listen to the last part, after 41 seconds.

The sounds simply don't fit in. A cityscape like this would have very spread out/distant reflections. So, lots and lots of subtle reverb. Listen to the hammer tapping.

Also, the sounds are too clean. You could never get a sound this clean with a camera mic. Especially on the low end. It's just too good.

Ohh, and if you speed them up they sound exactly like when you scrape metal stuff with a violin bow. Add some digital reverb and delay, and you got it.


Dawson Creek:Speed it up, and its just some animal noises (sounds like a fucking safari). Boring. Also, a slowed down crash cymbal at 42 seconds. WTF? This was clearly added in post (well no shit), since it's frequencies reach up beyond 10khz, and the camera recording already stops at 5.5 khz. And again, knowing how bad camera mics are at picking up low frequencies, these sounds would have to very loud to appear this clear.


Alberta: The supposed volume (it would have to be very loud to be able to be heard in an entire forest) simply does not fit with the reverb and frequency range of the sound. It sounds like it was played from small shitty speakers (mobile phone) next to the camera. Here the total lack of low end is suspicious. The sound bottoms out at around 500hz, and even a shitty camera can do better than that.

If you speed it up, it sounds like the same metal scraping sounds from the first video.


and on and on




comment from the reddit article

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Jeriko One?


You're the one that's been getting

all the gangbangers together,


forming citizen groups,


trying to rake the LAPD

over a cheese grater?


Yeah. That's right.

And you gonna be in my next song.


It's gonna be called Robo-Steckler.

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