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Stuff is bad news. It just popped back up in the news but as far as i can tell medical professionals have been telling this story for atleast 50 years. Here is the CDC perspective. Doesn't fit at all with what I have been reading. Here is an article from today which cites "groundbreaking new research." They are saying Fluoride is explicitly tied to cardiovascular disease. Calcification of arteries. Serious cause of death more deadly than cancer by the numbers. So yea. What i have been reading about this online is pretty disturbing to say the least. There were millions of search results. Degradation in IQ in children, disease, more toxic than lead, the list is long and fucked up. In my toothpaste and flowing out of my tap. eeeh 1 last link. (The fluoride source) Definitely check that one out. The fluoride in our water is impure industrial waste product "scrubbed from Florida phosphate fertilizer smokestacks"

Just a heads up to do with as you will.

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They have been telling the story for 50 years...




That's not like some shit like... 'Hey, yer barns on fire...'


Barns burn down.


I credit flouride with keeping the few remaining teeth I have mostly cavity free and most importantly in my mouth. I admit, I have had some train related dentural problems, but I'm pretty sure I owe a big hand up to Crest toothpaste and Oral B toothbrushes.


If it wasn't for the dental plan I sure wouldn't have 'Ol Chopper! (originally I was gonna have a picture from the Simpsons but now I'm gonna start a grumpy old man thread about how I can't find the picture... so THERE! and piss off).

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