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Passaround Blackbook


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i have experience with these passaround books, so i know how this shit is probably gonna go down.


it will go to about 3 or 4 people and then get lost, either because said person is a lazy fuck who doesn't get around to sketching in it, let alone sending it out..or because they are a clutz and lose the damn thing.


OR they will hold on to it because they don't want to part with it, whether because they want to pass it off as their own shit, or just because they like the sketches too much to see it go.


OR they get raided and that shit ends up in an evidence room somewhere.


in any case, as dope as it sounds.. its gonna turn out lame. i mean, who's gonna keep the sketch book when its done? not to mention the possible legal implecations if it gets intercepted by the cops, who's to say they can't trace that shit back to you?

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Pulz, that looks great man, thanks for taking the time to iron that out, seems like the fairest set up so far.


Romero, no offense dude but you should read the thread before giving your opinion. Most if not all of the issues you raised have been addressed numerous times. Also you completely missed the fact that everyone has a book invested in the pass around.


Oh also, be smart about shipping guys. Don't go to fed ex and pay $20 to ship a book domestically then come on here and complain about the costs. We don't need things to be shipped express and all that nonsense, doing it by geographical location should keep the shipping costs under $10, if it is over $10 make sure you're not making a mistake. That said, taking a pic of the shipping receipt is a good idea, but maybe we can just pm the pics so that way we're not posting personal info in the thread?

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Ahhh shit as i do this i realize indica only dealing with 2 people means that all of the shipping is from overseas to the states is going to land on one person either alts of walid... Indica would you be willing to ship to alts and walid alternately... i highly doubt alts or walid are gonna buy a ticket all the way out to cali and hunt you down lol

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Nice work Pulz,that must have taken some time no doubt.

Looks good to me.

If this is going to work We definately must post in thread.......

Whose book we received,when we received it,and when and who we're sending it to.

ALL personal info Must stay in PMS

In order to not get ganked or lost, we must keep track of these books!!!

That way if someone is tryin to JACK A BOOK or sleepin on a book WE ALL KNOW WHO HAD IT LAST!!

After all who wants to go all in just to get robbed?

Looks like 12 books involved figuring 10 U.S.D.give or take to ship each one that's roughly 120 U.S.D.

So if anyone does'nt think they want to get in that deep they should let everyone know A.S.A.P.

I'll try to chek on shipping costs from Mass. to all other places tomorrow.

As far as posting shipping receipts it can be folded so that no personal info is seen,

Just the date and to where it was shipped will be visible.

Again,Good Work bro.

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Thanks Pulz for putting it together..


I will say that shipping overseas may cost more than $10.00 but in the end if you feel that $100-150 over the duration of the project is too much, please drop out.


Everyone will have a book out there so there should be a feeling of responsibility to produce and ship in a 2-3 week time frame, if you can't do that please drop out.


Basically if you are in this, make it happen. You will get the reward at the end of the cycle.

If not please drop out.


So let's get a final YES or NO and contact the first person on your list to ship to. Let's get this started Monday (or sooner).



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