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Got caught up at work and haven't made it to the post office yet, shipping yours (pulz) off tomorrow afternoon though. Probably gonna need until Saturday to finish up Butters' book, but I have his address now. GOGP's is done but I haven't heard back from him w/ an address yet.

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Sorry for the absence there guys, both books shipped out, I'll send tracking numbers via pm once I get home.


Azteka, from what I gather KWG held your book thinking it was Butters' w/ the intention of sending it to Butters. However, he doesn't appear to have actually sent anything to Butters so I would think it's still in his possession. Pretty sure Aero has a contact for him so maybe he can get in touch w/ him for you. I sent you a PM w/ the info I have.

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KWG is gone. I even sent him an extra book just because one went missing. He had just about everyone's book at one point, probably saw an opportunity to snake off with 3. Honor system is out. His book isn't even in rotation to be pulled and set my way... I just want to see this thing finished. I came in strong and killed a bunch of two pagers in every book that came my way! Shitty that my original book was the first to go "missing" and know I dont even get a replacement?


In all I lost about 60$ and countless hours of pages with no book in return.... I will not be participating in a second round lol


I think you can, but we gonna have to need to agree on other sites to meet up. Like when 12 oz was getting fixed.

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