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Passaround Blackbook

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Yo sorry guys my life has been pure craziness since my neighbor downstairs decided to burn my house down in August. I have all of the books and don't want to hold them any more....by some miracle they were spared from destruction. I'm trying to get a hold of Aero to pass them off but....I lost his number with everything else...

As soon as I hear from him they'll be movin again.

Trust.....I want to get them on their way to their owners asap!!

Keep in mind they did suffer slight water and smoke damage but are in great shape considering they survived a house fire!!!!

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Yo I need to know what to do with these books....I called Aero but haven't heard back from him.

I know he wants to hit these books but I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HOLD THEM ANYMORE. I don't want to be responsible for them.....I have had them WAY TOO LONG!!! I'll Call him again....And hit him on another site.....Let me know what I should do if I don't hear from him.....who gets them next....Pulz?I'm sure you guys want your books and are tired of waiting for them.....and I don't need them anymore Lol.....

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My book has arrived at my friends house and they will drop it to me at Xmas. So effectively that's another book that has completed the full circuit and survived. Monumental effor, many thanks to all those that hit it up. Will post all pics when everyone is ready.



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I have some good news to report....


I finally passed them off to Aero this afternoon.

The three books I had are headed home again...

Aero said he will hit them and pass them to Pulz asap!

Thanks again and Props/Respect to all the killers involved in the cycle.

I'd be glad to do it again....Keep me in mind for another round if it happens.

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Good to see anther book make it home. So do we think this is about right?

BUTTERS (SoCal)- still waiting for my book

KWG (W MASS) - done

AEROSOUL(MASS) - GOGP, Pulz, Azteka (in transit)

PULZ(NY) - waiting

SEX CAULDRON (MD) - waiting

AZTEKA(NC) - waiting

GOGP(NC) - waiting

WALID(AUS) - done


So everyone is waiting for there books back, or do some still need to be hit?

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So everyone is waiting for there books back, or do some still need to be hit?


Aero has 3 books to hit, then Pulz and I both have Azteka + GOGP's books left to hit and everything will be done from what I gather. I think it's likely we'll be hitting two years before the last book arrives home. Monumental indeed.

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