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Passaround Blackbook


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I've been following up on this thread for a while. Was curious...


1) Would people be down with me throwing a book into the ring? 2 pagers and slaps... I gottem.


2) Every time I've done something like this the books got lost or destroyed. Are we good here? Has that happened or is it solidly guaranteed I'll get a book back just fine?


3) How do I get down?


Sorry if some of this is answered in the thread. I searched through it but mostly it's talk about the status of books.

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I am the worst sometimes at sending shit out but I always send out huge collections of slaps when I do exchanges. There are plenty of cats on 12oz and BS that can vouch for me. I usually get my peoples Mothra and Boner down too so you always get nice characters and wicked handstyles in there.


But I can take a month sometimes to send stuff out.

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Yea we're about finished up this rotation hopefully, I'd say just wait and get in on the next one.


I'm still waiting on GOGP to send me his address then Walid's book will be off. KWG, you ever hear back from Aero? Pulz messaged me the other day but to my knowledge he still hasn't sent anything.

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EBA - mate, I'm really keen to do something with you, but there are two obstacles.


I live in Aust and sending books via post costs about $30 per book. Secondly I'm in mid semester of a masters degree and won't really have time to commit until around Oct. My book will probably be back in Aust by then.


What I'm really keen on getting going after this passaround loop is closed is not passing books about but swapping single sheet sketches by post. Basically the same as dudes do with slaps, like the 12OZ exchange thread but you mail the exchange to each other rather than posting it in a thread. I've got a bunch of shit taped in to my personal blackbook here and I dig the mottled kind of Frankenstein's blackbook that it has become, fucking cool as shit, actually.


I'm probably going to start a thread on that when i get this BB back but if you wanted to look at doing a loose leaf swap with me, mate, I'm keen to hit that up.

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I have always been down for slap exchanges. I use this full-sheet sticker paper that covers and entire page and I've even done two-page collab exchanges with Opher using that...


I'm down for books passed around and I'm down for slaps. Just count me in and hit me off on PM or whatever to let me know what I need to do. I am notorious for dropping fat packages full of goodies.


My only worry is that I've done pass-around books before and they have gotten destroyed or lost every time. One dude actually had his ex-girl set a pile of books including mine on fire during a bad breakup.


Is the trade-off working good on this thread?

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Hey all there has been another major tragedy on my end!!!

My Neighbor downstairs burned my house down on my birthday...August 8th....I lost just about everything I acquired throughout my life....

I have good news though.....I managed to save the books I have....they are slightly water damaged but still in good condition, they were NOT destroyed. I have been waiting to pass them off to Aero.

I believe I have GOGP's, Pulze's, and Azteka's books.....along with Butters.

I sincerely apologize for the delay.....My life is a total mess right now!

BTW Yes Aero and I got our books back about a month ago! Thanks and Much Respect to Everyone involved in this cycle!!!

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Damn KWG I am sorry to hear that….

I have been traveling and studying for a certification and that is winding up…won't get busy until Oct so let's get this moving again…


Let's update who has what and go from there…


Wallid I like the single sheet idea but it does take away from the novelty of the book…anyway next go around i am open to whatever..I'd just like to get a book back with some different people…

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What's up peeps? I'm picking up the pieces of my life after the fire....

I managed to save the books because they were in a part of the house that didn't get burned real bad.

I'm having a hard time getting a hold of Aero to pass them off.

He's real busy with his new job.....as soon as I hear from him I'll get them out.

I don't want to hold on to them any more.....

Peace and respect to all Passbookers....Lol

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