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What Are You Listening To: 2012endoftheworldyo


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Yonder Mountain String Band


John Denver




M83. This album was great.


Deer tick!







I was at one point thinking of making a thread for this guy hes that much of a beast, but i know everyone does not like the same music as me, so yea w/e. But anyway this dude 'B. WHITE' of the 58's, is a BEAST! Not only can he spit fire, lyrically he is beyond on point in my own opinion. I feel as though i can relate to him @ certain points,being from the same city and all, and he is not a gimmick rapper by any means. Like he says: 'Fuck music, i think its amusing that the swag sells'. His lyrics are just too sick to me im not sure how to phrase all of this... So basically: Out of all of the music i have listened too over the past 1.5 years, the most played artist would have to be this guy hands down. I am going to list a FEW of my favorites by him, AND I want to know what you guys think. If you think this dudes hard as fuck nh, let me know, if you think hes wack..im not sure what to say, but let me know! PLEASE just listen to one of his songs and give a response. Im interested in hearing what yall think. I can post his Datpiff mix tapes later if ya want...



Just a sample of this dudes flow...too much talent...DAMN! 'I dont give a fuck what they think, sittin in tha same shithole wit a bucket under the sink'

'Im coming from the bottom, we dont learn from mistakes'...

B.White, Vinny, and Franchise

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DEATH IN JUNE... She Said Destroy



El-p How to Serve Man



Busdriver- (only into his Live shit really) its so weird...guy is spastic.



and Marc Maron WTF pod cast as often as possible...


posting in this thread is hard because there are so many groups i listen to on a consistent basis

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