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Mexico's Drug War

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I don't read?


Read this...




I bought El Narco and I am currently reading it. Trying to grab a better perspective on the issue, like I do with all issue's I come across that interest me, perhaps I just arrive at different conclusions.


Believe what you want, I honestly don't care, but to think that views held by people who oppose your views are ignorant, you are mistaken, or rather you should look into the mirror.


The narcotics trade has an estimated worth of 30billion dollars...


That's a lot of money.



The value of drugs for the drug smugglers has gone down a lot. it was reported that it wasn't worth as much as it was a 10 years ago. 30 billion is a lot, but theres no many cartels out there once you divide that, it aint much to run a drug organization. So they have been doing other stuff besides drugs now in days. and they have expanded to other places in the world, they have Chinese boats bringing in chemicals for them. That's why they kidnap people or why the took over the smuggling people game.

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i'm pretty sure the US isn't afraid of the cartels. if the US really wanted they could take them out, of course lots of people would die on both sides. but the fact that certain cartels work for the US and the US is making money off this. you dont think they make money from all the guns that go over there.. the US used a cartel in the 80's to move guns for them to send to the contras that were fighting in Nicaragua. some reporter guy got wacked for trying to leak the story. the US knows where these guys hide, but they turn a blind eye coz they need the cartels.

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i dont think the US will go after them because of fear. The cartels are ruthless and would go after everyones wife and child. many high ranking authorities would be infuriated and disposed of







Like America gives fucks about civilian casualties... PLEASE.

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if it were 49 headless Americans it would be all out warfare


Yeah, the 49 headless Mexicans are definitely part of a small issue within the country that holds no real bearing. :rolleyes:


I know it's phat to always draw sardonic parallels with the US, but of course there would be backlash if 49 people from one country were beheaded and dumped in a country they were visiting. A strong response wouldn't be uniquely American by any means.

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Who can fucking blame the Mexicans?


Their economy is garbage, its either pick fruit, drive a truck, or make stacks selling drugs and killing putos.


Shit, I dont blame them at all, im not in support of murdering innocent people, but who the fuck is innocent? No women or children, and fuck everyone else.


Really though, a year or so back I watched a really indepth documentary where they explained the situation in Columbia, if they abid by the laws and farm coffee and nuts and shit, they make like $2 a day... for hard fucking work.


So you can sweat in the sun and have spiders biting you in the jungle and shit..

or you can grab a fucking uzi and make enough money to live and floruish.


The way the fucking US is heading I wouldnt doubt that this shit starts accumulating in the US on a smaller scale.

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