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Anybody know the trick for staying logged in to the new and "improved" 12ozbook?


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Okay, I know this is the wrong section and I'm a fuckin' moderator and I should know this shit, but guess what? I don't and I've been drinking.


Every time I come back on here these days, it says I'm not logged in, but when I go to my "dashboard" or make-up mirror or whatever it is, it says I'm logged in, then I end up in a death spiral of frantically clicking Big Mac ads, just so I can post or something.


I checked the little box to stay logged in but it never sticks.


Help an old man out.


I didn't grow up with this internet and junk...Wait, actually I did. It's just that navigating this site is gay these days.

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bojangles there is no trick

i'm wondering if one day we'll come on here and suddenly there will just be 'the new forum' and all this stuff will be in some read only archive


i'm still a little unclear on all this myself.


and yes, there are apparently a few frequent posters who can't even log on at all so i don't know what to tell you.


at home, i constantly have to log back in

at work, i stay logged in


same type of computer, same browser, different result.

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Pretty accurate





That hike all the 'guests'?



Oontz been fuckin up for a while.

People paying for VIP and not getting it, noisy ads, scrolling ads , complex bar...

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That complex bar makes it almost impossible for me to oontz from the phone or the tablet, both android. The wife's iPad hates the interwebz in general, so I don't even mess with it, and my poor old (2007) desktop just gives up after about 3 min. The only thing I have figured out is to switch my phone to view "mobile" versions of sites, but it doesn't show attachments or load gifs.


@Bojangels, I too am leery of the oontz "graffbook" dashboard thing, it's a bit much.

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