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Russian girl sneaks into rocket factory; parks her car, fucks your bitch

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Her name is Lana Sator and she sneaked into one of NPO Energomash factories outside of Moscow. Her photos are amazing, like sets straight out of the next Alien movie.


She just went there, jump over the fence and got right in through a series of tunnels and pipes, which is very surprising for an active industrial installation that belongs to one of the top manufacturers of liquid-fuel rockets in the world, with strong ties to the Russian military. But she she found nobody. No guards, no security. Just a few CCTV cameras here and there.


While some of these places look decrepit and abandoned, the factory is active. In fact, the government is really pissed off with her. The authorities have sent her letters saying that her situation will get "much worse" if she keeps posting photos from the factory.


Badass Lana doesn't seem to give a damn about it, which makes me want to go to Russia, become her friend and party hard for a whole week.







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Has any one ever asked one of those females why?


I genuinely need to know.


The Mexicans have been know to smoke PCP from time to time....they try to pluck their eyebrows when they are high, shit gets uneven and thus, their eyebrow hand style is born...They call it the Uncle Leo Phenomenon...




It call also be caused from BBQ mishaps, but it's rare.

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called a friend and she said its from the 1930s when hollywood movie stars would shave their eyebrows and redraw them on.

since it was the depression makup was hard to come by and the hispanics at the time would use whatever around to copy the stars..but they kept the color black or brown as ethnic pride.



i have a feeling she was bullshitting me though but it seems closer to an actual history than anything ive read so far in the last 10 minutes while taking a shit

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