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Not just a little bit... THE WHOLE FCKIN BEEFALO!

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Anyone heard about this whole cluster-fuck that this company created? For those that don't know, Ocean Marketing represented the company that makes the Avenger controller for the XBOX 360 and PS3 (pictured below):




They did up until one of the customer service reps gave enough shitty service until someone sent their email chat with him to websites like Kotaku and Penny Arcade. The PR rep continued to agrue, swear and name drop until the e-mail conversation got posted, then he started being nice. This story gets worse and worse each day, even after the e-mail conversation was over. And now the Ocean Marketing meme will begin, starting with this YouTube video:







And for those who want to learn about the situation (in terms of what the e-mails were like), check this link out:






Ocean Marketing and its founder Paul Christoforo, who shows us just how bad it can get for you when you act like a jerk on the internet. While yes, there are many trolls out there, the lack of tact that this “PR specialist” displayed in handling a customer complaint is beyond anything I have seen; even Netflix can’t hold a candle to this guy.


It was all concerning The Avenger controller which was supposed to be shipped out early in December. The promise was that those who had pre-ordered the product (with an upfront payment mind you) would have it in time for Christmas. But the promise was broken and no one who had pre-ordered the controller received it. So a concerned customer, “Dave,” contacted the company asking for an update as to when he could expect his two controllers. The only response he got was a cryptic “Dec 17” from Ocean Marketing’s Paul Christoforo. When Dave did not receive the package he was waiting for on Dec 17th, he promptly emailed Paul back asking for another update. This is, judging from the following email correspondence, when Paul lost all sanity (and language skills).





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