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NYE 2012 What is Ya'll Doin'

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I'm gonna be in LA and some friends convinced me to go to that shitty rave Together As One.

Oh well, a buddy went two years ago and said he saw too many hot womenz (wearing little to no clothing) to even know what to do with--and they're all rolling balls.

Should be like shooting fish in a barrel boys.

Last New Years on Earth, the mayans are gonna shit on us before the next one, hope everyone's doing it up big.




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No babysitter, no cash


to be honest I never really do much on New Year, if I was single then it would be different, like you say shooting fish in a barrel, but I can't (if ever there was an argument for not getting married it is drunk women at holiday occasions)


I have to be up early the next day to do some painting/filming stuff so doubt I will even get drunk.

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If it was up to me: I'd stay home with girlface, drink the better half of a bottle of jamison, smoke my herbals and watch the fireworks downtown from my deck, then heckle the drunks across the street from my living room windows..


instead: I'll be at some bar or warehouse party getting shit faced around people i could care less about for the most part and even more people i'd rather not ever see again in my life, being annoyed at the fact i'm even out and dealing with these douches....


love you sweetie....

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the same as last...hot springs resort with a couple friends, good food, good beers, and skinny dipping.






adult shit! fuck your raves and clubs.


bump this shit. I'm usually all about this type of steez. But I guess I'm still relatively young...so raver sluts it is:lol:

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Polly get ahold of some "mollys" if my friends do to, and "roll" figurative balls. Hit up some house parties, a club or two.


But most likely not, probably just do the same thing RIPS said, go to work the next day and lie about the fun shenagins that were had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)


Being on ISP sucks.......... :(

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