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Rest in Power AOR HD

Guest quit swellin

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He was blindsided by an Amtrak..shit is just unbearable to think of. Me and Aor had beef for the longest time over just stupid childish bullshit and we each shared a painting partner and mutual friend who was going to chill everything between us..sadly that day never came and i cant help but think of what couldve come and what couldve been..im truly sorry we had to part on such a sour note my friend..youre in my thoughts and in my fingertips from here on in. Rest In Peace Matt Aor Eckerd

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Guest WebsterUno

Aww man, thats fucked up.

I remember seeing him on here.


Does anyone have anything

they can post of his?

That would be nice. Damn, sad.

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Man does this hit close. I too had some small time nonsense w/him, but looking back I laugh at how ignorant me & emo were that we wouldn't accpet he had room to grow. But EVERYONE has to be as careful as they can around train tracks. You can ask Emo.Death.Machine how anal I'am when it comes to walking next to, or on train tracks, though trains are my medium. This truly is sad. Condolences to all who knew him.

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I remember when i first met him.. He was one of the chillest, funniest motherfuckers i have ever met.. Talking to him was a trip cuz he had soo many stories about fuckin girls and shit.. he just cracked me up.. I remember the one night i really got to know him.. Our plan was to go bomb shit but we ended up talkin all night.. I put him down in my crew cuz i trusted him, he crushed shit and he was a cool ass kid.. From then on it was endless stories of funny shit that just made me laugh.. He used to tell me he had tourettes syndrome and if i ever pissed him off he would start screaming profanities at me randomly and not be able to stop.. I remember meeting him and thinkin he looked like Jake from bootycall.. I remember the first time i got in his car with him i was freaked out cuz the kid was a crazy ass driver.. Rockin that red ford escort.. I remember him tellin me he was a life guard and that he picked up fine girls everyday and they would sneak into his room at night and fuck him.. I remember him huffing freon in Jels backyard this summer time.. I remember all the damage he did on interstate 95.. Mixing bowl.. Blue line and all over.. i will remember how dedicated he was and how he would drop anything if he had a chance to go out and paint.. and i will always remember how good of a friend he was.. And i will remember seeing those trains stopped saturday night on the side of Interstate 95 and wondering why......



For all who dont know, Matt Eckerd (Aor HD) was killed saturday night by an amtrack train in springfield VA. He was an amazing person and will be greatly missed.. The hd crew sends love to his family and friends..


Goodbye Matt.

rest in power. i will make sure you are never forgotten.




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