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i tried to follow the cute troll theme argument but i lost interest

so you hate baseball but you have a "team"... that seems to be ingenue at best...

either way carry on as i cheer you all from the sideline! being i have nothing else to cheer about in the off season thus far...





You guys need to just get a room and fucking blow each other.


Ralph youre and old faggot on a graffiti website, you obviously have no life.

IHU youre also a fucking faggot who likes the biggest disgrace of a football team there is.


I can detect sarcasm Ralph, im not fucking 100. You need to grow up fool, youre just sad.

Dont you have kids or something? Im sure even you could find a hideous beats that would birth youre ugly ass skirt wearing kids.


This thread and its inhabitants are as boring and gay as beisbol is.

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Barrajas is out which fine by me.


Broxton as well, I'm hoping they know something others don't and we should still be good in the bullpen anyways.


Jamey Carroll, not so sure about letting go of him though. Players like him can be real hard to find.


Of course we got Kemp back, still waiting on Kershaw and the rest of the pick ups I need to go through and see what's what.


Not so sure about keeping Rivera and we need to keep Either.

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Signing Harang and Capuano should help out your pitching staff, though you are losing Kuroda. And yeah, I'm looking forward to Jamey Carroll on the Twins, though we'll have to see how he holds up as an every day shortstop. He's a guaranteed upgrade over all of the garbage we had at short this past season though.

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Yankees making some moves.


The Mariners needed hitting, the Yankees needed pitching. The two teams addressed each other's needs in a blockbuster trade of young stars, as right-handers Michael Pineda and Jose Campos will go to the Bronx in exchange for catcher/DH Jesus Montero and righty Hector Noesi.

The Yankees have agreed to a one-year contract with Hiroki Kuroda, pending a physical, tweets Jack Curry of the YES Network (Twitter link). The deal will pay Kuroda $10MM, tweets ESPN's Buster Olney.
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Twins sign Joel Zumaya, and there are some rumors kicking around that we're high up in the running for Oswalt, if the Rangers don't snag him.


I don't really know how I feel about Zumaya, given the fact that he hasn't pitched since June of 2010 and has an awful injury history. However, it is really a no risk type of signing at $800K if he doesn't hit any incentives. I'm sure he's not going to be the 100+ mph fireballer that he used to be, but if he can still hit mid to high 90s and works on his secondary pitches to make up for the loss of velocity, he could definitely be a good addition to our pen if he can stay healthy. Just like the majority of the Twins roster for 2012, there are a whole lot of "if's".


In terms of Oswalt, the rumor is that we've offered him somewhere in the ballpark of $17M for a 2 year contract. Definitely goes against all the talk of him wanting a 1 year deal, but who really knows how much weight any of the online rumors hold. Apparently he wants to pitch in Texas, but it all boils down to the Yu Darvish deal.

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Joel Pineiro he got a minor league deal with us and will likely come up for middle relief. What's the book on him ? Also 49 year old Jamie Moyer getting a minor league deal with the Rockies. I'm salty about this, I thought for sure phils would keep him just for veteran presence n eventual pitching coach promotion within. Sherm stick got 1yr at 15mil. Raj talkin about long term deals around spring training. If they let him walk after the big Roy n cliff contracts I'll me UMAD as hell. Valdez, our Colombian refugee utility man got 1yr at a mil also. Great to see both guys back.

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ugh what a fucking snooze fest for the Boston off season thusfar...


Ellsbury one year deal...WOW ONE FULL YEAR!

Saltalamacchia one year deal.. yea another good player inked for ONE fucking year...

Bailey the new closer?? yeaaaa thats gonna be good. fingers crossed on that guy.

Ryan Sweeney the other "gritty" player from Oakland trade... yawn

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