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i like the shift of power finally.

even after a failed lockout, it's looking like some small market teams are on the rise.


the whole lakers celtics thing, u can stick a fork in it...

the kings and the clippers, as well as okc, portland, and memphis...

this rookie class and second year class is killer to, seems like allot of great young talent now...

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Agree with Ralph alot if the younger teams gonna make an impact..id throw in the pacers too..



I also said it before the lakers on the decline, I hope they dont Howard goes there he should go to NJ hell fit in good..plus I wouldnt want to follow in SHAQS path (which is not bad..) But nickname the same,Magic..lakers wack.


And on aldridge seen em play last year vs my kings & dude is a beast..we gottem tonight in the p-town..see how that goes.

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i was reading comments from lakers fans on a basketball forum last night, and even they think l.a. is pretty much done...theyre mostly blaming the loss against the kings on everything from the new coach to bynum not playing...some were calling kobe a ball hog...others were bitching about pau gasol, and trying to figure out who to trade to make their team better...some were complaining about injuries (namely kobe's wrist).


...but as for the game against the kings, i dont think much of any of that was a factor...all in all, our field goal % was about the same as the lakers, and the lakers had much better free throw %...what it came down to in last night's game was defense and more importantly 3pointers....kings shot 50% 3-pointers hitting 9 of 18...lakers made only 6.2% of 3's hitting only 1 of 16.


kings are a good perimeter team...marcus thornton and john salmons hit 7 of those 9 threes and once jimmer gets a little more confidence in the NBA, im pretty sure he'll be lighting it up from outside too.

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Damn we got smacked last night by portland..last remaining 4 min of the first half it all went downhill..fools looking lije tgey werent even trying..too many turn overs &them fucking free throws were fucking garbage again..that bot jimmer cool but kid gets frantic when he touches the rock & blows it..dude needs to calm down.


Anyways I like the way the blazers playing ball Wallace is a beast..L.A is tough to defend when he gets going..alot of height in Portland...Felton playing good ball aswell..seems like this year they playing high tempo basketball..


As far as Dallas think theyll be okay soon as they get going..

Spurs think they done..dont think they can keep up with the young guns..

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agreed on the whole portland thing....their defense kept our scoring low...marcus thornton only got 14 points and tyreke only had 4 points...also, free throws are going to be a huge problem that needs to get fixed as soon as possible...hopefully they can get some rest between now and thursdays game....also, the kings were playing a lot of one on one matches...they need to have some better ball movement so they can free up some shooters.

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honestly though, do u think bynum will stay healthy?

lakers have to many white guys, lol, at one point i was watching the game and worldpeace was the only non... doesnt seem like a winning formula without someone like jerry sloan manning the helm. eddie jordan aint gonna get it done for u

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I can HOPE Bynum stays healthy. Look at Big Z - dude was incredibly injury prone in the beginning of his career, and then one day, it just stopped. You can never tell with those things.


And we have wayyyyy too many white guys, but I'm trying to look at it in a positive, Marv Albert type way. We've got a team full of guys with high basketball IQs, who will hustle, make their free throws, and who are quick - not fast

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