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I hear different about Paul going to the Lakers, yahoo says nah.





NBA commissioner David Stern has killed the New Orleans Hornets’ trade of Chris Paul after several owners complained about the league-owned team dealing the All-Star point guard to the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.


Some owners pushed Stern to demand the trade be nullified, and the Hornets be made to keep Paul on the roster for the foreseeable future, sources said. A chorus of owners were irate with the belief that the five-month lockout had happened largely to stop big-market teams from leveraging small-market teams for star players pending free agency.


“The deal is off,” a source involved in the talks told Y! Sports. “It’s dead.”

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“We were all told by the league he was a trade-able player, and now they’resaying that Dell doesn’t have the authority to make the trade?” said an NBA executive who had periodic talks with New Orleans throughout the process. “Now, they’re saying that Dell is an idiot, that he can’t do it his job. [Expletive] this whole thing. David’s drunk on power, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the players, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the hundreds of hours the teams put into make that deal.


“How do the Lakers explain this to Odom? How does Houston deal with the guys it just tried to trade? Scola and Martin are going to be pissed at them, and who knows how long that takes to get over? Explain to me how the league kills this Pau Gasol deal, but allows Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol?


“To me, this makes the league feel like it’s rigged, that Stern just does whatever Stern wants to do. He’s messed up the competitive balance of this league a lot worse by killing the deal, because you’ve completely destroyed the planning that New Orleans, Houston did and left them in shambles over this. I’ve never been so discouraged about this league, never so down.


“I mean, come on: Chris Paul is leaving New Orleans in 66 games. He’s gone. And what’s Dell Demps, and that franchise, going to have to show for it?”



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They nixed the deal because other team owners were bitching about Paul going to L.A...How do they have any say in it? NOLA is fucked now instead of getting some good players and draft picks they are gonna get nada when Paul walks. Giving up Odom and Gasol for Paul who averages only 16ppg isnt really a good deal but they're trying to clear up cap room for Howard. It seems like he wants to he traded to the Nets for some ungodly reason.

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you guys realize that the Hornets are owned by the NBA (29 other owners) right? Owners should get to vote on any moves the team makes.


That's irrelevant if they had already given NO permission to shop/trade him. The only reason they stepped in and did anything, was because it was the Lakers. Textbook definition of player hatin'

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