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Funny names for made up sexual positions?

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Grown men who start threads on online forums about funny names for made up sexual positions.


That's all...

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the "Beluga Bark"


Making your dick look like a BOLD, CAPITALIZED RED I by sticking it in her bloody snatch bareback.







....but every sexually active republican third grader knows this.

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Merry Christmas kiddies, and remember: Santa doesn't cum for naughty kids who scream for help.

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The "Dirty Sanchez"


Whilst engaging in doggy style vaginal intercourse stick your finger in the woman's ass and smear the shit on her upper lip like a mustache.


The "Cincinnati Steamer"


After laying down a piece of saran wrap defecate on you partners breasts.


The "Hoover"


Taking the woman from behind standing while she walks on the floor with her hands.


"Seven Seconds of Glory" also known as "The Rodeo"


To be transitioned into from either doggy style or the "Hoover", tell your lover that her sister or friend was better and then try and hold on.


The "Goul"


While receiving oral sex tell you partner to look up at you so you can see her eyes, then remove your penis from her mouth and ejaculate on her eyes. This will allegedly have the effect of blinding her and having her stumble around the room as a zombie or goul would.


The "Alabama Hotpocket"


To defecate into a vagina.


That is all I can think of at the moment, I would imagine that the internet would be a worthy resource for further terms.


My appologies, I read this as being funny names for made up sex acts, not positions. That is a pretty poor thread idea indeed *EDIT

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