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you PETA folk really subject yourself to this kind of manipulation?

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KIR called him jerky.




Peta has always gone about their cause ass backwards... There are some valid points against factory farming, animal rights, ect... Yet they try to be as extreme as possible and turn everyone the fuck off. Least offensive ad is Raekwon muggin the camera eating falafel.

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Was Alison cute?


Well, was she?


Was she!?!?!





I tried useing the googles to find the ad with "-Raekwon muggin the camera eating falafel."

but this threrad is all that came up.


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PETA fights the wrong battles.

they are the nit-pickers of the activist world.

i find them to be whiny and not very effective.



that said, i'm vegetarian and though i encourage others to do so as well, i'm not into telling people what to eat


i do think the entire system of industrial agriculture will fuck us one day

and all those people yelling how much they LOVE meat, but who have never killed or butchered their meat, are fucking pussies.

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exactly^. the whole factory farming shit is insane

people are all meat! meat! meat!

little do they know they are eating a mixture of poop, dirt and hormones :haha:


i guess they're addicted


then there's that whole pesky issue that meat production accounts for the largest share of blame for global warming. oh yeah. sweet fuckin meat.

shit though, guess maybe we're getting off topic.


back to peta.

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Having personally been all over the spectrum of vegan/vegetarian activism, I think some of their grievances are valid but I have no respect for them as an organization...they're just like any other group of lobbyists.


And I would gladly go out and hunt for my food but to do so in an urban setting doesn't sound appealing.

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