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i'm running thin on ideas of people's stuff to download. i still have a bit of HD space left (god knows how), but i can't think of what do download. i listen to hip hop, but i'm open to anything.



ps - for all of you that are after cut chemist and dj shadow's brainfreeze and product placement albums, go to audiogalaxy.com. i hope you got good download speeds though, cos each part (both albums come in 2 parts) are around the 30-40mb range

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here's my list of current downloads: (all done this week)


midnight star: "operator" "electricity" and "freak-a-zoids"

anything by kraftwerk

ren & stimpy themes

80's TV themes (ex:threes company, who's the boss)


slick rick


west street mob:"electric boogie breakdance" and "mosquito"

ewok celebration theme

mark mothersbaugh--he did music for rushmore

atlantic star--"always"

mf doom remixes

bananarama-"cruel summer" and "venus"


just giving out some ideas. these are just a few of thousands of good finds.....high speed access rules.


here's some stuff i cant seem to find: Twillight 22-"electric kingdom", G.L.O.B.e.-"Play that beat mr. DJ", Dominatrix-"the dominatrix(sleeps tonight)


i need some more acid jazz....any suggestions???


i also just got into making filler mp3's--that is, recording friend's funny messages

they leave on my voice mail...movie quotes, etc. i make em into aiff's burn that shit onto cd's between songs to make fun mixes. the kids love it and hypes them up

before the big soccer games!!



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