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what, the knee or that your posted a photo of a man with his pants around his ankles...

there had to be a way better and less gay way of shooting that...

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Live Bloginations, an archived forum.

A Soulbonder's Wow In Detail: Celebrian's Liveblog

1 Dark Lady Celebrian, Fri, 9th Apr '10 9:48:54 AM from

Cartwheel galaxy

I'm the world's greatest

Okay. Last night I was talking to a friend and acolyte, and he

gave me the idea of putting up a liveblog on exactly WHAT it's

like to have a Wow...what it feels like, what I go through with it,

etc. And I thought that was a great idea! For science and stuff!

A Wow.. .my term for the precursor stage to a bond... is a

strange thing. Getting to know the Wow, and what is or could

be behind it, is a good step to solving the mystery behind the

mysterious thing that guides soulbonding. So I will be

liveblogging Mary Ryan's Wow over its duration (and maybe

when she' s done I'll put future Wows up in here too), in order

to educate the masses about exactly what it is that shows a

soulbonder that they are about to bond to a certain character.

If you wanted to know the scientifical/metaphysical stuff behind

soulbonding this is a MUST-READ. :)

Please no debating in here. You can be skeptical, and you can

of course make comments (or else I wouldn't have put this

here), but I will not be able to form full-fledged debates in a

liveblog. It'll take up too much space that could be used for the

liveblogging. Also no insults, no derails, and no flamewars will

be tolerated in here. Now, on to the bloggination!!!!

Acquiring "Blue" Mary Ryan (King Of Fighters and Fatal

Fury) '

I had not been vibed at all, except for maybe one little

unnoticeable pinprick, by Mary Ryan until about a week or two

ago, when I began to feel vibes.. .jolts, emotions, euphoria. ..

radiating off her while looking her up on the SNK Wiki. These

vibes increased in frequency and dynamics, until they eventually

morphed into an unmistakable Wow... a wonderful,

indescribable feeling of floating in the air, of the whole world

expanding, of..of...well, I said it was indescribable.

Mary's Wow has unfortunately been uneasy though. After a

while, other Wows were easily able to dim the vibes.. .the vibes

became smaller and the euphoria began to dim and dim.

However, there was still something there with Mary. But it

began to get cancelled out by larger, more ready vibes...Leliana ,

Warden, Noel Vermillion, Sora Naegino.. ..

However, Mary's Wow doesn't seem to be letting any other

Wows get in the way of it. After watching Puni Puni Poemi, I was

able to reclaim Poemi Watanabe's Wow immediately and it was

already at the peaking point and was expected to peak by the

next day (this was on Wednesday), but it's been diminished.

Poemi doesn't feel as vibey anymore.

However, Mary does.

All day I'd been thinking about Mary, wondering if this

weekend would finally mark the day she was to join our troupe.

I haven't yet asked the other KOFers anything about her, but I

ought to be doin gthat today. To be told about the character

always, always raises the Wow, as it helps me get more insight

into the character's personality, and in turn helps the vibes

along and allows them to determine more clearly that me and

Mary definitely belong with eachother...

I just did a little boosting of her Wow with the song Let Go by

Frou Frou. I had no clue why that song, other than the fact that

characters of Mary's personality type and backstory type usually

fit well with songs like that...a song telling her to lighten up,

forget about it all, I'm here now and she doesn't need to be so

stoic and serious and melancholy anymore. However, as of now

it's only raised it about a notch. I felt the feeling that would not

allow me to sit still as I raised it, and throughout the whole

song I thought of nothing but her...and what it would be like to

have her around...but still, it only went up about a notch and

refuses to move any farther. Ever since it began to brighten up

again, it just does not like to move any farther than it is

now..stagnant , sitting there waiting for action. Waiting, waiting,

waiting, as I am. I'm starting to understand that that particular

song may not be doing so well with her because, judging by her

appearance in KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A, she doesn't

seem so melancholy anymore. Maybe she's okay now. Maybe

she's already learned how to "let go, jump in."

I will try boosting her Wow again with a different song later

on... maybe I Want You Bad by The Offspring, which always

serves to peak just about every single Wow I ever have, and

bring up ones that were dimmed down or cancelled out ages


So don't touch that dial! I'll be posting the results of that boost

later! Already, though, just writing this, I can feel it going

uuuuuup...uuupp ...yes ....it' s climbing...and I can' t sit still

anymore due to this incredibly jolty, jittery, floaty feeling of

having a Wow climbing up...the feeling of my soul reuniting to

its long lost half...

edited 9th Apr '10 3:09: 34 PM by DarkLadyCelebrian

Please don't tell me that I'm dreaming When all I ever wanted

was to dream another sunset with you

2 Haven, Fri, 9th Apr '10 11:35: 13 AM from Land of Trees and


Planescape Hijack

Interesting! To me this reads like an ecstatic experience,

something like a modern version of a shaman acquiring a

tutelary spirit * . If you haven't read anything about shamans,

you definitely should—I'd recommend Eliade's "Archaic

Techniques of Ecstasy", but it's not particularly accessible. And

the things that are accesible tend to just be new-age crap that

rips traditions out of their context, using them in a way that

makes no sense, and, oh dear, my Single Issue Wonk slipped

out, how embarrassing .

Er. I was going to say that the main difference is that there isn't

the same sense of cultural legitimacy that goes along with it, but

if I understand correctly there is an entire internet subculture of

soulbonders, right? If you don't mind my asking, were you

initiated as a soulbonder in some way? (You've probably

answered this before; sorry for asking you to repeat yourself)

Of course I'm probably just coming at this from my own

perspective, but it seems like it might be a useful one for you.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the rest of this.

edited 9th Apr '10 11:47:11 AM by Haven

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12 monkeys

kid sees tragic scene

don't go to the airport james!

time loops endlessly

american beauty

uptight wife meets king

she did more than pick his brain

now she's quite relaxed

american history x

skinhead preaches hate

gets busted, has change of heart

karma nails his bro

atlantic city

forever scrubbing

susan hates the smell of fish

now she's lemon fresh

bad lieutenant

big bad lieutenant

spiralling towards the abyss

killed by strawberry

barton fink

hit plays can cause woe

fink suffers from writer's block

hellish place to be

the big lebowski

walter digs bowling

want a toe? he'll get you one.

a nice jewish boy

broadcast news

geek and hunk love girl

she loves career more than boys

girl winds up single

buffalo '66

billy bets on bills

wants to kill the kicker bad

falls in love instead


burnt out democrat

rejunivated by rap

scores nappy dugout

dark city

futuristic noir

all are sleepy at midnight

does shell beach exist?

dead again

haunting dreams cause fear

was she another person?

past lives are a bitch

devil's advocate

lomax has talent

one hell of a famous dad

lawyers are devils

erin brockovich

push-up bras abound

grating mom with sass to spare

nails pg&e


chess playing pusher

he's just a kid and wants out

sets the perfect trap

the graduate

choose daughter or mom?

seductive moms are tempting

ben's big dilemma


harper feels useless

connie encourages her

she grows, and he dies

last night

at twelve the world ends

what to do on the last night?

nothing interesting

mean streets

charlie thinks future

johnny boy lives for today

a lost cause, for sure


pompous blowhard nick

spins lies then justifies them

just like New York mag

minus man

homicidal vann

gets job as postal worker

like he had a choice

pulp fiction

bad assed hitman has

mid-muffin epiphony

tries to be shepherd


god complex supreme

herbert west can wake the dead

even smushed kitties

reservoir dogs

mr. pink don't tip

he is a professional

fun to kick around

reservoir dogs

brown's a sucky name

too reminiscent of poop

the mean kids won't trade

reservoir dogs

toothpick vic is nuts

cutting off ears ain't too nice

eddie won't see it

reservoir dogs

white protects orange

puts his own life on the line

a fatal mistake

run lola run

lola runs and runs

not in time, but don't worry

she has do-overs

runaway train

train train runaway

big mean con is led astray

surfs freedom express


kicking heroin

sucks when your friends are still high

staying clean's a bitch

twin falls idaho

two halves of one whole

one must die so one can live

francis hears the train

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She also believes that she's a muscular girl, and is not, in fact, a

fucking whale. She refuses to accept the truth that her prized

possession (a. k.a. the spandex) was destroyed because of the

ocean of lard in her body that she insisted on trying to fit into

the spandex.

Sometimes I wondered what it'd be like to attention whore just

to be noticed. I mean like, to make something up just so people

would look at me.

But it's just plain desperate and wrong. I'd never do it. Even if I

do wanna be noticed real hard sometimes.

—Yep, she's totally not an attention whore

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Donna also has a weapons fetish. She just loves guns and

weapons — she's willing to make love to them.

Oh come on, don't tell me no one else sees the hilarity in Xena

wanting an AK-47 to fight crime? The irony is beautiful.

Don't want it to fight crime. Want it to stare at and maybe hold

for a while (no bullets in it of course). And maybe rub against

my face a bit.

—Yeah, because it's perfectly normal for crazy hambeasts to

collect guns and stare at them.

Haha when I said I have a weapons fetish I mean it. ^_-

—Holy shit.

To anyone who may be concerned: issue a permit for her to

carry a gun after taking a safe distance — we do want another

school shooting happening sometime in the future.

Aside from being a superhero and crimefighter, Donna

apparently wants to become a bounty hunter, since, you know,

bounty hunting is very easy and is a decent job nowadays. It'll

be easy for our little princess, who's also deathly afraid of

school and yelling people.




Also, people need to LAY OFF the aforementioned career




am going to be like when I'm 25 years old. And the people who

think I could be a bounty hunter don't want me to. Why?

"BECAUSE YOU'LL GET HURT!!!!" So you guys can go have

dangerous jobs but I can't , huh? The only person in the

world who wants me to be a bounty hunter is my

inspiration, Samus Aran. But since she listens to my

guardians and their NO SHE'LL GET *HURRTTT!* all the time

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UPDATE: Reality raped her in the ass, so some sense seemed to

have gotten through her delusion of being a bounty hunter.

So I have given up on my precious fantasy, and don't know

where to go from here. All morning long, I've been trying to die,

trying to trick my brain into thinking I was already dead so I

would shut down...

— Do it faggot.


Aside from being a bounty hunter, archeologist, superhero,

princess, artist, and queen of the goddamn universe, Donna is

also a martial artist. She diligently watches videos and "trains"

with her guardians as her teachers. She's very SRS of becoming

a martial artist as her chosen career, and claims that she gets

her strength from the people who troll her, saying that she only

gets more motivated every time someone tells her she can' t be


By telling me I'll never have a career, you've all actually

enhanced it. Yesterday I was training by using my mom's

exercise mat as a punching bag, and Vanessa's eyes just went

wide when she was watching me and I made the whole house

vibrate occassionally. I was surprised at myself, actually. So the

secret really is all in the rage.

Here's some rage-fuel for you.

I think you made your whole house shake because you're huge.

Not because you have a good uppercut. Might wanna improve

that C average, since stripping is definitely out for you.


Donna also has no plans whatsoever about going to college, or

having a career that's actually applicable in the REAL world.

It is my career. Okay? That's just it. It's . My. Career. Because to

be honest what other careers can you get with no college

education and focusing on nothing but your muscles all the

time? Newsflash: None. You're not going to do well in any

career if you have as much problems with school as I do. You

HAVE to turn to brawn. And I don't see any problem with

turning to brawn because it is actually something I ENJOY


—because beating up people will pay your bills, right? And if

you're focusing on your muscles, why do you still look like a


People were actually trying to help her and talk some sense into

her (as seen in the given link), but as evidenced in the quotes

above, she listens to no one but her "bonds" or herself.

Everybody else is just trying to troll her.

Bonus Level

Some monologues our Star likes to do when no one's paying

attention to her in the cbox.

Bounty Hunting

XenaEilonwy: You know what? Nobody is going to tell me I

can't be a bounty hunter.

XenaEilonwy: Because being a bounty hunter is one of the most

important things to me in my life. And the danger only makes

me wanna do it all the more

XenaEilonwy: Because you know what? I wanted to be an artist .

But while the artists are sitting around making pretty pictures,

SOMEONE needs to deal a slice of justice to the people who

need it.

XenaEilonwy: I may be going to a special school in three towns

over soon. :\

XenaEilonwy: After that teacher who stared at me like I was

Pyramid Head and the other one who called kids " losers" and

"turds, " I don' t trust teachers at regular high schools.

XenaEilonwy: I 'm trying to be a bounty hunter :\

XenaEilonwy: Samus : Lara is now screaming at me all the time


XenaEilonwy: . ..But I'm both your protegees . I still treat

archaeology with an unbelievable reverence

XenaEilonwy: I know. Samus is one. That 's all I need.

XenaEilonwy: Did I ever mention she's my hero? I'm sure I

mentioned it at least 40 times but just in case I didn' t, THIS


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What happened to asking her imaginary friends?

XenaEilonwy: And none of you know what it's like to slowly

deteriorate from a mental condition that throws both mental

and physical symptoms at you that EVERYONE THINKS IS A


For the entire summer of '09, Star has bawwwed about going to

school because school is scary. Whenever someone would troll

her, she would inform them that she doesn't deserve to be

treated that way, because she's dealing with a terrible moment

in her life. She even claimed she would die in 5 months because

of her school phobia . What is the cause of such a phobia?

DETENTION and LOUD NOISES ! She even had to go see a

doctor for her phobia , after which she came on the internet to

beg everyone to advise her whether she should go to a day-

hospital or not, day-hospital being a crazy asylum with a pretty


She is currently still deciding if she should do a stay at home

tutor or do the day- hospital because she doesn't want to lose

her precious Social Security money for her video game shit.

Some links about it are here and here.

Almost Dead

As with all attention whores, the principle of "I'M LEAVING

FOREVAR;be back later" applies to her too.

"Serah: S'okay Ma Cherie. Now that all these people have

successfully succeeded in making her scared of not only the

school but of the WHOLE WORLD NOW, it's safe to say you

won't be seeing much of her in however much time it takes for

her to heal. :\

Thanks for breaking her, guys. I can only assume you all take

pleasure in harassing a girl who is already ill until she finally

reaches her breaking point. Thanks for making her afraid of

even us now. I'll bet you're gonna laugh at the fact that you all

finally did it too.

Fortunately, all it'll really take is us letting her know who the

TRUE Dark Samuses are, and then we can work from there. :\

Again, good job at tormenting a sick girl until she finally

snapped. Bet you're gonna laugh about that on the ED page


—She was back on and posting in two hours as if nothing


She bawwwed on her hugbox of how broken she is, but even

her hugbox is getting fed up with her drama.

None of us have to care one way or the other. They abuse you

because they think you're just whining and not ill, and

large blocks of text explaining how they called you fat or

ugly and how sad you are because of it just makes you

sound like a child that shouldn' t be on the Internet in the

first place. You keep getting "abused", and yet, you keep

coming back for what will inevitably be more abuse,

without attempting to make any sort of changes that could

lessen or end the abuse ...

... Coming off as a whiny unstable person isn't going to

make you any more likable (even if you aren't whining, not

everyone is going to see it that way). There's nothing you can

do about the "abuse", other than ignore it. Maybe what's

happening to you isn't fair. It doesn't matter anymore, though.

Regardless of the fact that people shouldn't be messing with

you, regardless of your mental and emotional condition,

regardless of the things they say, regardless of all

circumstances, you shouldn't be taking a faceless person's

insults seriously .

—trying to tell her the truth is futile.

Donna has the most humongous ego and victim complex you

would ever encounter. She has delusions of being a popular

beauty in her school, claims she isn't fat, and thinks she's a

superhero. She bitches about people who are actually trying to

help her, and even uses her guardians to tell them off.

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