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Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year(United States). I'll be working at the bar


intoxicating everyone who only stayed at home long enough to realize they hate their


families.. What are everyone's plans? Take lots of flicks of the amateurs


and post back. Don't drink and drive.

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i will also be working at a bar tonight.



i hate people that go to my bar.


^^ahahahah I usually like and tolerate most people but tonight is a test in


patience with all the people who come out who normally don't even drink and decide


they can crush Rumpelmintz and Jager, then realize they were dead wrong. Lotta


sloppy looks on people tonight.

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i'm kinda pissed... i just got a message from a bar about djing.


i had this place take my name down, but they said they'd have somebody call and no one ever did... but more importantly, one of the managers tried to fight me the same afternoon i tried to book it, because my homegirls that were with me wouldn't fuck him. dude is like methed out and was asking to touch their feet and shit... after we had to tell him to go away a few times, we decided to leave, and he tried to start shit on the way out... and the girls had to pull me out the door...


still would like to be rocking for the drunks tonight though.

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free max b


RIPS with a hard-on over his own post count. Hey, let me post a youtube link of


some dumb shit that has zero relevance to anything people might be thinking about.


Video description so someone may look at your post..., pass.



Anyway, bar was super busy last night and people were pretty cool and composed


till 1am rolled around..., and then the wheels literally fell off everyone's wagons.


I swear people were drinking their family shit down their throats. There weren't


any fights but people were drinking themselves ugly. One of my door guys found a girl


passed out with her head in the toilet. Now, this would of been fine at her home but when


you're at a high-volume bar and the bathroom looks/smells like a homeless woman just


pissed on your upper lip..., It's time to realize you passed out with your head in the toilet.


I got pics to upload but I'm gonna abuse the couch a while longer.

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You know, the money was good, not incredible, but that was normal for nights like that.


A lot of people who come out and normally don't, don't really tip that well but, whatever.


I've dealt with "bar"holidays long enough to just roll with what the night brings.


Black Wednesday, New Years, and St.Patty's day are all the same: a lot of work, a lot of


hassles, slightly better money (By volume). At 1am, I started toasting with my employees


and tried to enjoy the rest of the evening with them.

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