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SSssscratched Vin#s

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some where near a 1000 unorganized freight flix comming mostly outta up state ny and a few from canada and my travels...
























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bclr . glossy kodakidd..spek. box*s..nice simple untold. hence on an old sm..think i found a red spraynozzle in a shot..kbt..mbtx puttin the numbers up high to get gone over less often..acer..rails n ice make you be skatin like your rollin wif daytons..old rusty scrapper that looks like a dump truck..quebec engine..bulk . black n red engine on the gangsta lean with dood lookin on ahead..atv people love to hang out by rails..before extra fresh simple..sumo entso on a nice rusty lined cnw hopper..night gws nice hopper..home hand. crued/cruel world? the gonerail quality..eros..below nums and nums but shoulda cleaned background on a nice flatsider..paser ekos..kepToes..damn i caught that gnar and didnt think it would go that far..boston and maine. snob . hecz. ich.. Woem(done benched it b4) with 2 angle reflectors >WTF? . caught that ich t2b befo, too.. Won, son. Wyte. goner.. sprewell.. jerx x and spiderwebbing and diff red line highlights in shadow..rainy overgrown chill spot..gs bringin extra funk..another eros and it be old but good..hecz colors..gesr. johster..goneria..dfaes..good gs again but with a confusing plate c buff?? trede kinda interesting. seap.. you lens cover just missed covering up some tyme..chill patrolled spot..yukon. sworne hand..ectoe dope. defaced the deface? necr. NICE POST>>>LOOT. (dope..i jumped the "post" gun but still didnt interupt the flicks even though there were 30plus added after i clicked reply..evil bastard..owav..seaz rocks the simple letters..scan gettin acid rain and rained on by acid..anybody remember that first trading spaces or home remodel shit show with that hot broonette that had the carpenter with the last name jumbo? on some porn* type shit..versuz fresh mes hand..arek nise tre dope and no big stamp and older than hoe met..like the jum..and the thing below it and the pitch black below dat..skem..hlmx.. shux colors..panam attached to a ridged cryo? JEESUS! like the TEE..mecro..sace tribute..does it have a blur over the blue writing though? like the fo..black n blue ich looks cool over the black box too..ham..think i benched that venom too..chill woods..N ST..1991? nahh(but listenin to Back Stabbers by Grand Puba..smuty..rusty panel on the sept blue..aper..nesk only 40 car numbers off looks like they still close together...)

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