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A Reak Life Breaking Bad


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I saw Somerville and thought "Wait a second, my sister lives there...." Oops. Turns out there's another Somerville in the US.


I've known lots of people who went down this path. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad and on a couple of different occasions I went along for part of the ride...but somehow I always had enough sense to get out before it got super ugly. A couple lessons I learned along the way- it's possible to sell drugs across the street from the police station then pass bad $20 bills to every store in the neighborhood and not get caught...I think you only get one freebie like that per lifetime, so yeah.


Illuminati- if you're still in town call me later, I'm free after 2 pm or so.

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Car talk how long ago did you kick it with him? Wondering if we ever hung out and know one another.



Also car talk if you knew him I guess you haven't talked to him in years. Everyone I know who used to kick it with him knew he became the I'll tweaker and was cooking that shit up. Considering how retarded his mom was I'm not surprised that she didn't know he was cooking meth. So long as it didn't smell like pot she was probably cool with the smell.


Grisha and I were real good friends back in high school. So it's highly likely we know each other. Stopped hanging out in the early 2000s- though I was very well aware of his new tweaker ways (AKA mutual friends). Didn't know he was cooking it though.


PS- Everything Illuminati said about this dude's homes is 100% accurate. His mom used to just pour lysol & pledge directly onto dog piss, smear it around, and declare that shit clean. Ugh.....

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The extremes of intelligence in Boston astound me. You have all this higher learning there, and most of the people I know from Boston are fairly bright and articulate (albeit hard to understand at times), then....this. And plenty more of the same if what I hear is true.

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But so greg and a few other heads went down to nyc for new years or some show. Somehow they ended up all squatting in this warehouse down there at which point greg let keith take a dump on his chest. No joke all these kids come back from nyc and this kid greg is bragging about it to some heads.

You have to understand this was pretty par for the course for this kid greg. He was kinda starting to go nuts back then, but hadn't really gone all that nuts.

So this kids house was always crazy, he had this one spot on beacon st where all the high school kids would go. His mom would be at work and he would just have whoever show up and party. Kids would be coming by to buy bags, smoke, drink 40ozs, trip, and do whatever. So there was this one kid dave who got caught buying a 20sac of greg and ratted him out. Well greg didn't get caught with any weed, but the kid would keep showing up at the house trying to buy weed and shit. Greg gave us free reign to do whatever the fuck we wanted to this kid. I remember one time me and my boy kicked this kid in the nuts so many times he passed out for 15 minutes, another time we locked him and some retarded kid in the closet and made them fight before we would let them out.

But yeah so this kid dave would come over daily, this is the same time greg had brought that junkie dominatrix chick back from nyc. So this junkie chick gives greg some dome, walks up to dave and kisses him full on tongue spitting gregs cum into this kids mouth. Dave is all confused like what, why did she kiss me? So we all fuck with dave a little more and finally this junkie chick busts out a needle, walks up to dave and starts poking him with this used needle. Then she starts telling him that he has hep C now. Were all cracking up laughing as this kid locks himself in another bedroom and hops out a 2nd story window to escape, then he calls up a couple hours later wanting to buy a sac.

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Man I don't even go anywhere near home anymore.. Can't sadly :( but yeah man definitely its been a long time. I feel you man I rarely get into the same shit I used to any more got way more inportant things to do like take care of my veggies. But hey on the bright side of all this at least T won't be able to get his meth anymore and hopefully he should be more inclined to quit. I don't know if you talk to him anymore? He started whiling out last year and threatening to sick his brother on a bunch of his friends. I aint spoken to him in a while.

I still kinda think greg really started to go crazy when he got hit by that car skating to my dealers house in the winter back in 97 or something.

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