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A Reak Life Breaking Bad

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Surprised there isn't already a thread on this



Somerville —

A Suffolk University math professor and her son are both suspected of conspiring to cook and distribute methamphetamine from their Oxford Street duplex in Somerville, according to court documents.

Grigory Genkin, 29, was arraigned in Somerville District Court on Monday as his mother, Irina Kristy, 74, and a young woman looked on. He has been charged with distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug laws and drug violation near a school.

A criminal complaint will be taken out against Kristy, according to a Somerville police report.

According to old newspaper articles, the mother and son were dissidents who left the Soviet Union in 1985 with his father Sergei Genkin. An Associated Press article refers to Kristy – then spelled Kristi – as a friend to 1975 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Andrei Sakharov.

“It is believed … Kristy was complicit in the methamphetamine operation,” read Somerville Det. Michael Brown’s report.

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent’s rundown of evidence gathered describes the Oxford Street home awash in suspected meth-making materials – solvents, cold medicine, and reactive liquids in old Snapple bottles.

There were so many chemicals around the second floor apartment that Corn Flakes and “other dry food items” were being stored in the refrigerator.

Suffolk University did not immediately respond to requests for comment.





So me and this kid used to be best friends until about 8 years ago when he started to get into this shit. One of the last times I saw him he was all twacked out and showed up at my apt talking shit and I beat the crap out of him with a madball for a few minutes before he bounced off in his car with a promise to get a gun and return.

I actually hate this kid to a whole other level these days. He is responsible for one of my best friends passing away almost 5 years ago. Yeah we got some serious issues between us these days.

So his mom is this crazy russian woman, she was straight up tortured by the KGB back in the day for talking to western media back in the early 80's. Back in the day she wouldn't speak english to anyone and would just roll into the house when there were 15 or so kids drinking and smoking and start screaming in russian. Greg would always chill her out by lying to her that we were doing homework or something and that american cigarettes smelled like weed or some shit. At one party this kid fed his 90+ yr old grandma we called scuffles mushrooms and she walked around the party tripping her balls off, the only english words his grandma could speak were bill clinton (which was the dogs name)

But yeah if any of you want to fuck with this kid his facebook is http://www.facebook.com/#!/griged

I would surely appreciate any shit talking messages you send him. I have been calling him rubbing it in his face that he just ruined his moms life and that he is a piece of shit. I also got plenty of crazy stories involving this kid if any of you are interested. We used to post every single fucking day for years and lived together for while before he got into this shit as well.


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Dude is a childhood friend of mine believe it or not.

We haven't hung out in years, but still...



And his mom is the MOST OBLIVIOUS person in the history of people

so it is very possible she had no idea.

Even though he had 10x 32gallon drums stashed in the place.

Holy fuck. It's been a week and I'm still bugging out.

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Car talk how long ago did you kick it with him? Wondering if we ever hung out and know one another.



So for the whole time I knew this kid he lived in the nastiest houses ever. I mean the house could be a nice house but him and his mom would trash the place. The houses they lived in always smelled horrible, and had horrible roach infestations. The thing was Grisha and his mom would bring the roaches with them from house to house. We would show up at gregs house to get fucked up and this kid would freak out go in the kitchen and start making "roach soup" he would just turn the hot water on in the sink and boil all the roaches he could find. There would be hundred of dead roaches in the sink. This was at every house he ever lived in. We lived in a nice spot together, completely roach free until his mom came over one time. After that we had roaches all over the place. This kid would actually come home with a can of spray deodorant spray the roaches with that plus a lighter chasing them around the kitchen screaming.

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Also car talk if you knew him I guess you haven't talked to him in years. Everyone I know who used to kick it with him knew he became the I'll tweaker and was cooking that shit up. Considering how retarded his mom was I'm not surprised that she didn't know he was cooking meth. So long as it didn't smell like pot she was probably cool with the smell.

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