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"now what about that popular school kid

that always has been always will be cool kid

class president, valeditorian , A+ , star quarterback

cadillac convertible driving ,designing cheerleaders autographs"


that sounds exactly like me...........................except for the last 4 lines

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You know what.......i was reading a college magazine, and i came upon an article on my state government. It had a feature were the Governor of my state , Jeb Bush, and i think either one of the senators or one of his right hand men........were recalling on their lively youths.





It saddens me that they all stated that they were very much into school sports, extra curricular activities, and addmited they were jocks and that highschool was the time of their lives.





Those fuckers will always be on top i suppose, no matter how smart or creative we/people are.

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yeah but billl gates is one nerd out of millions. And its not like once he leaves his job, there will be many positions available to fill his shoes. I mean, its not like a good number of people that will have the oppurtunity to do something that makes that kind of money.


On the other hand, our government has more power to run things, and there's many positions in the house/senate...........100 senators, 140+ house reps,......plus all the state government level jobs........etc etc. And those jobs work on terms.

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