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"honey, can i shake my ass on the internet for money?"


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something about a bitch done up all stupid like that... shit, i know it's stupid




you're right, it is stupid to hate when bitches are "all done up" and then post a picture of some scene girl with more make up then brains.


yo can you see the caked foundation on her non-pink facial side burns dawg? i know you can see it

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trust me... this isn't the first, and won't be the last time, that people disagree with my "female weight rating system". Most of my friends, including DetroitRED, have had heated, in-depth discussions with me about my opinions on the female form.


think of it this way...


if there weren't men(or women) out there, with the same preferences as mine... there would be no motivation for women to fight off slipping over the blurred (nonexistent to me) line between "thick" and "fat"... Because of guys like me, women have self image complexes that drive them to keep running, bouncing their blobs around in some godawfully tight workout outfit, down the block, or in the gym, thus providing entertainment for you guys.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Not smashing the Asians is ludacris.


Yellow or Brown bitches to the front of the line.

As for not wanting to smash fake ass jersey shore girls, I feel you on that amigo. Even when those looney bitches hit on me at the beach the farthest it goes is a drunk bj and im done with em.


And yeah this thread could of been epic but its about over


you all have to understand....in real life...dude is a walking contradiction on so many levels... starburst steez. (pause)

one of the many reasons why we chill on the regular.

c_eastwood....you and i are eye 2 eye on this subject matter.

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nah, i was calling y'all the import turds.


if you ask me, it's only been until recently, that the acceptance of "thick" fat women, has been so widespread. I put a heavy heavy chunk of the blame on the shoulders of shitty rappers that constantly glorify strippers/stripping. The other part of the blame, is that we're all getting fat as fuck ourselves, if all that's around is fat bitches, then hot skinny chicks become a weird minority, which is exactly what happened, case in point, with this thread.


think i'm bullshitting?


was it cool to be fat in the 90's when kate moss and cindy crawford were the shit? No, it was cool to have bulimia and size E fake tits.


was it cool to be fat in the 80's? C'mon son, everyone was on blow, nobody was fat unless you were a square that didn't toot lines.


was it cool to be fat in the 70's? See above.


was it cool to be fat in the 60s? Fuck no, unless you were some dirtbag biker's girl. Then yeah, have all the fat long flapping titties you want, nobody gave a fuck about those hags besides the D-bags who are just as foul anyway. Biker sluts have been the "go to" sloppy long titted women SINCE the 60's.


Pre 60's who gives a fuck, the women were ok fat because back then if you were fat, you were rich, so people automatically thought fat was cool because everyone was dead broke.


I wonder if that has any relevance today? Perhaps the impoverished still believe subconsciously that fat = success?


doesn't anyone find grace attractive anymore? "thick" chicks are about as graceful as a mac truck...


you need adderall.....


also...you theory on this has more holes than swiss...

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first, this makes zero sense.


second, i'll try at assume that you mean i'm hung up on bitches from highschool? Probably not, i indiscriminately banged "thick" girls in highschool, it wasn't till after that i learned better though.


realism, you're probably the only funny one out of the bunch, at least you're just fuckin' around... damn near everyone else, though, is mad.


no one cares about the girls you dont fuck in real life, glen.


next time you make a thread about bitches getting naked, at least have a picture of the bitch getting naked.


and not some ultra-homo text rant on why you dont get your dick wet.

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