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Throw Up battles!!!

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Props to all that keep this thread and part of te forum moving!!!!



Meksoutofnowhere.jpg gets my vote


Like that droopy nose by sable

Illuminati nice and chunky.







Please disregard my last jawn n use this. Unless, of course, you like the last one better. -I-SLAYER-I- B8CFEB94-9928-4389-A01A-7F4764476C08-1798-0000022A74C88DFB_zps68e01113.jpg?t=1368345733


Talent or no you can't hate on anyone for posting sketch work on an Internet forum







Good to see this place bumpin again.












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Thanks for taking the time to post!

I see you made mod status...Nice. I've been here long enough to call it like I see it. I've one these battles and handstyles before...Since You're a mod maybe you can help me log back into my real account MOUTH FOR WAR....Gotta new comp and forgot my password.


Thanks for the NEGS people...:lol: I don't need my tic tacs to know I'm better at this than most of you.

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Illuminati wins by default, such bad news life likes to fuck around eh.


I like asdf123's entry though. I personally like simple throw styles, some of you go too hard. Not hating or saying they're not good, but would you really do all that character and detail work streetside?


Maybe I just ain't gangsta enough.

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What happened to Illuminati? Didn't know him but saw him around the forum a lot.


it's kinda eerie that his last throw up/sketch was talking bout snorting shit.




And why when I post on this forum does it put my post behind previous post? And log me out when I just logged in? It kinda makes it hard to post a response after someone when I post and it takes my post straight to the top of the page...This is the main reason I stopped posting.


also Protester I have no idea what email I used probably a fake one for both my ONE_ONE_NINER account and for my Mouth For War account.

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