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Instrumental Music

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dj hive -working with sound



DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid


Godspeed You Black Emperor


Boom Bip


Leggo Beast



Deepfried Toguma



R.A.W. - No More Mr Nice Guy




Amon Tobin


its too early for brain to work.....also why is there a white guy and black guy hugging in monochrome at the bottom of the screen?

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Ryuichi Sakamoto 1996 and the collaboration work he did with Alva Noto.


Moby Ambient. A lot of folks slept on that release.

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the budos band - the budos band III


el michels affair - enter the 37th chamber


el ten eleven - everydirection is north


ratatat - classics

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Zero 7's instrumental tracks are good.


Midnight eez did a mid-90s sampler of instrumental raps that are classic.


Explosions in the sky is sweet.


Tim Hecker too.

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Here's a band I plug every single time an instrumental or electronic thread comes up. Mellow live electronic stuff, with some big epic parts. By live electronic, I mean a drummer who also used an MPC at the same time, a guitarist who ran his shit directly through a laptop, and a bass player who also played keyboard. Both of the albums in this download were put out when they were 16-18 years old. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Talented musicians, amazing live show, really nice people. Their live show was where they really shined, so maybe I'm biased, but I still love both albums. Their last two shows are up there in my top 10 best shows I've seen. Probably top 5 for their second to last show in this tiny little coffee shop that had about 50 people crammed in.


Tiki Obmar: http://www.mediafire.com/?fegfw22u3fkbkjf


And since I know most people like youtube links before they download anything, here's 2 songs.




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explosions in the sky

scale the summit



giant (aka brave young)


god is an astronaut




this will destroy you

russian circles





a couple of those have some, but almost no vocals.

i also listen to jazz and classical. the more i listen to music/get older the more i think lyrics are dumb. unless its just heavy and screaming and i don't have to understand it (ala BURIED INSIDE)

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