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Economies of the Environmentally Conscious

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Originally Posted by Soup (View Original Post)


I agree with you completely. It should be very clear to everyone that my proposal was not for a controlled economy or socialism. Im just as frustrated that this has gone on for six pages and has gotten further and further away from the original point.





First you'd dont like news articles, now you dont like podcasts. I can't win. When you do find the time to do research and realize you're an idiot, start a new thread. Unless its related to OWS the discussion stops here.


Oh and here



Did you read these articles? Or did you just listen to an NPR podcast summarising them? haha


I have had a look at the first; "Environmental Accounting for Pollution: Methods with an Application to the United States Economy". It is problematic precisely on the point I had highlighted earlier; the attribution of arbitrary values, which is discussed in Hayek's "The Use of Knowledge on Society". Muller Mendelsohn, & Nordhaus offer empirical valuations of environmental and health concerns which only hold truth in so far as their valuation is matched by the valuation of broader society. Without acceptance of this valuation, it is redundant to extrapolate outwards and declare the 'true' cost of pollutants. This is exactly Hayek's point; to try to universalise centrally collated data is epistemologically impossible, as any centralised system of valuation cannot account for the subjectivity of individuals within society. So where this article attributes a value to visibility hampered by pollution, then makes calculations based on this value, while in theory the calculations may be sound, at best they will reflect the value of visibility in the context the data was derived. Which, if put into practice by way of legislation, would still need to be subject to periodic reconfiguration if it was to be a 'true' depiction of the value of pollution rather than just another tax.


Anyway, Ill take a look at the other article later, but as far as I am concerned, you are still yet to address the concerns of the two articles I posted earlier; Hayek's problem of knowledge distribution and Mises's problem of calculation under price distortion.


I think you meant to post this in a new thread like you were asked to by everyone, but lets continue. Can you cite what arbitration you're talking about? Lets go from there. Yes. I've read the documents. The Hayek reference isn't necessary. Nobody thinks a controlled economy is efficient.

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u talkin to yourselfs again?


My economy or environmental consciousness

I dont drive

organize and recycle more than i throw away

I consciously try to avoid wasting water and energy


saves me a lot of money too :)

perhaps 500 a month

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