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Shia labeouf's eye gets Transformed into a shiner by Randy from TPB


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What I hate more than Shia Labouf, those tmz faggots obnoxious gossip like they're 13 year old girls.

Who are these people? What moron is actually paying these turds to act like that? Ew, get the fuck outta here with that shit.

And yeah that shia dude banged Megan fox, wasnt there already like 10 threads about girls who lower themselves to garbage? Hotchickswithdouchebags.com or whatever the fuck.


Seriously, but then again I never understood celebrity obsession.

I dont thought this was funny because dude got rolled by a fat shirtless guy in Canada, hense the

Randy refrence.



I don't really hate the dude... Like at all. I'm not an asshole about shit n he seems neither threatening or douche-ish.


In fact, I'm willing to be stripper dollars he'd hand out bitches for all the boys.



So this happening, I won't really celebrate or laugh. Just another cool dude getting beat by a much larger guy. At least we all know the young homie fights his own shit n doesn't bodyguard about town.[/color]


Again I could care less about dude ive never met him and im not about hating on someone for no reason. It was just funny to me a guy looking like Randy attacked Shia, and yeah I was thinking the same wheres the bodyguards but thats cool he dosent roll like that.


Yeah but think about Megan Fox, can you believe that dweeb got to be in the same room as her??


You're hilarious bro. Im just sayin dude got to bang someone im sure about 99% of humans with dicks would agree is one of the baddest bitches of our era.


This. I don't really see a reason to dislike him. I just see people mad & jealous at him for his wealth and the women he has sexytime with. Including the dude that just decided to throw punches at him for no reason.




Shia's never done shit to me or anything to make me not like him. I called him a punk but tha was more of a surrogate for calling him a dweeb/dork/nerd.

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