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UHHH..halloween costume thread.


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i didnt scroll back to far to look for a thread so here we go..



whats good this year??


im all invested very cheaply with 90% of my material from goodwill to be Muammar Gaddafi




stunner shades and errrrystuff!













with the planned amount of alcohol consumption...i should look like this at the end of the night..










pics to come...


what about yinz?

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Not sure if I'm actually doing anything this weekend, but just to be safe I've been growing out my facial hair for about a month, and haven't shaved my head in about 2 weeks. Assuming I go out, I'll be rocking the horseshoe baldness, a stache, some seriously mismatched/gay clothes and going as Tobias from arrested development. I did the same thing a few years back and it was a hit

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I was going to be Gaddafi...just like ten million other people but have since called it off due to the fact every other person will be doing the same thing.


As of right now im pretty stuck on doing Bubbles from trailer Park boys or Kenny Powers

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^ i was contemplating going as either or and having a homie/my brother go as the other.


you hit the nail on the head though, and as unoriginal as trying to be unique is I like to atleast try to have something diffrent.


Hunter S. Thompson last year went over quite well, and i didnt see another fly swatter or goofy shirt anywhere

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Hunter is a good one...I want to think of a great costume, but the likelihood of me doing that and gathering all the necessary materials by Friday is next to none.


I was gonna go as a filthy hipster, but was afraid people wouldn't get it and think I actually was one.

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Zombie gaddafi I know I canpull the make up and clothing so it's an easy ting.. But then again I could be Charlie sheen with a bottle of tiger blood etc ..Zombie Charlie sheen ?


Saw a perfect Hunter S Thompson at a festival this year smoked a few blunts with him and started talking shit about fags not knowing who he is

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