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((((( open mic/amateur stand-up )))))


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Still rockin it, just been on the backburner since ive had a moutain of shit to do.


Found a couple more places that do open mics here in Rva so ill be doing more gigs than ive been doing(2)


Looking forward to it though, been writing and saving up material so my next stand should be pretty good. Whenever the hell it is

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ive always wanted to, but ive only got a bit of situational humour going for me. prerehearsed jokes sound ridiculously forced when i try them.


also i get a weird kind of stage fright. i can publicly speak with real confidence, but as soon as i try acting or throwing jokes/accent in i freeze up. not sure why, but i can only speak naturally on stage.

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i think the only photos ive ever put up of myself on 12oz are me wearing a kangaroo jumpsuit and a flag padlocked onto me, so i assume i would like funny, i just dont see myself doing stand-up like that.


as ive learned over the last 7 months. the aussie accent, in and of itself, is a joke. people giggle their asses off when i do the full "g'day mate, im a true-blue, dinky-dy, occa battla'."


i actually had a few dudes at karneval challenge my aussie-ness (despite my costume), after giving them that speech, they believed, and laughed.

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I never thought I had the quite of humor to do rehearsed humor either, but if you have any notion at all to try it, you defiantly should do it once.


Ive never had a problem speaking, acting, whatever in front of people, probbaly the only hard part is if you fuck a joke up or catch crickets, but its part of finding your comedy.


Only had one gig this whole month, but I have quite a few places scheduled in March.

Ill be sure to keep you fools updated.

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