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So I just saw some dude walking a bad ass Dalmatian....

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Dalmatians are smart as fuck, almost too smart for their own good.

My friend had one that would escape every week and wild the fuck out constantly.

They're a working dog, bred to think independently, if they're not kept occupied they act out.

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Since this made 2 pages, I'm pulling out the old name to comment here. Most of this is misinformation, I heards, people who don't know what they're talking about, and people whose family did it wrong. I've had 2 Dals over the past 16 years, and these dogs are fucking awesome (as well as total girl magnets).


They are smart as all hell, and very easy to train. They have great temperaments, I referred to my 1st as the distinguished gentleman as he was cool with puppies, small dogs, children, etc. Much of the problems associated with the breed is due to inbreeding and people not doing their homework, although as with all animals, some are just jerks:


The dog was essentially bred to run, and needs a hell of a lot of exercise. Without the exercise, they will appear irritable, misbehaved, or hyper, but really they just need to blow off steam. Some are born with deafness, you should make sure they were tested before you get a pup. Some lack the enzyme to break down proteins and are thus prone to kidney or bladder stones. However, this can be easily corrected with medication or diet. Much of the bad press on Dalmatians comes from people who rushed to get one after the movies without doing the necessary research to own one. If you take care of your Dal, it will look and act young years beyond other dogs.


You will never wear black the same again if you own one. They are short haired and shed easily. Their coat is almost self-cleaning and needs little maintenance beyond brushing. Mine could go running, get dirty, and be clean by the time we got home. The hair are unique, they have barbs in the ends that make them stick into everything. There are only a handful of fabrics that the hairs won't cling to, so you're bound to get them on clothes, upholstery, etc.


They're born mainly without the spots, which come in through the fur as the puppy matures. Too few spots, or too many clumped together into big patches is no good in terms of what a judge would look for.


Think someone said they're working dogs, but actually I think they fall under the nonsporting dogs category. They used to run along the coaches of royalty. Later, they would run along the horse drawn fire trucks, which is how they got associated with firefighters. The first time my first Dal saw horses, he naturally fell in line with them, kind of funny at the time.


Anyhow, that's one to grow on, and knowing is half the battle.......

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