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What I have learned in recent times is a lot of things have a lot more to do with yourself and your abilities than your college.


If you're an amazing artist, dope, but no one will really care if you are a total asshole, or if you are a total asshole, you have to make that marketable.


And then a lot has to do with connections, no one ever really gets anywhere on there own. I think if you have the determination and drive to accomplish a goal, you should go for it. But there will probably be a lot of setbacks, and you should be ready to roll with the punches brah.


Worst case scenario if you cant make the gallery scene work for you, graphic design, teach, hustle.


Worst case scenario if you cant make weed school work out? I donno. But if you think you can be the best fucking weed grower and seller ever, do it dude, more power to you.

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well. I have always felt like going to college for art is a waste of money but then again Ive wasted more time and money than the average bear. As such im in no position to tell someone they are wasting their time or money while remaining un-hypocritical.

Even so... Im pretty sure anything you could ever possibly need to learn about growing them tumblers can be learned in a 12 month subscription to HghTimes. And at the end of the day it wants to grow. If you throw some money at the process it it will grow mighty nice.


Aye Tron. Have you ever considered going to school to learn how to brew beer? ive talked to guys that work at little brewery/restaurants and they seem satisfied in their professions. They can make pretty respectable money and all they fuck around crafting new beer recipes and brewing all day.


MJ could legal within the next decade or 2. I wouldnt be surprised. But until that happens you get yourself on all types of lists you dont want to be on trying to do something on the legit top tip. We have medical here. I read about raids in the paper. Everyone on the floor this is a stick up. 20 masked law enforcement agents with assault weapons acting like they are in the jungles of columbia raiding a cocaine processing lab. Its a bad look

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Thanks a lot for all the feedback everyone. I talked to my adviser on how he misled me on what i should be doing this semester and the department is going to let me submit my portfolio. Usually, the art departments don't take midyear applicants so I'm lucking out for sure.


ABC: you know, my room mate and his homie have been coming by every weekend concocting different drinks and brainstorming on ideas for new drinks, and we got to the topic of actually working on a microbrew. I wouldnt mind learning to do that; ever since i tried some home brewed licorice infused whiskey, i've been hooked on any custom alcoholic beverage. I know those beer kits are pretty cheap, so I might have to look into that.


You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to BOATS N HOES again.

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Didn't we have an art school discussion the other day?


I think all you boys should become mechanics or something similar, oiled up men in overalls = hot. You know it makes sense.



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i didnt read everything.


go for what your passion is. you need to wake up and make a living doing what you love. your more inclined for happiness this way.


plus i think now adays you can earn more money and have something more steady within the cannibus business than with an art degree.


now make some artsy weed.

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I would say the art school thing is more about networking with the staff/ guest artist etc. than what you do in class day to day. And leaving with a network of fellow artists is what will pay off in the long run, not the degree you hold.



Yep. I don't have any adivce to give on school since I'm often times stuck in the middle on making the decision to attend or not.


My girl is a phd and teaches at a university and some times advises students. One of the big things she tells me is that a lot of the troubled students lack goals and aren't really clear on what they're doing. I have a friend in pratt she's just kinda floating along too no real goals and her work suffers for it.

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