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McDonald's employee crowbar attack

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A McDonald's by where I live had a group of three Russians causing fracas in the McD's. They said something to the manager. Manager came after them outside waving a metal rod. Russians proceeded to beat the fuck out of him. Big black dude comes outside and notices a big dent in the hood of his car. My buddy points out which way they ran. Big dude comes back five minutes later, dragging a beat up Russian by the hair back to the scene of the crime. He found the perpetrator in the lobby of some condo.

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All right, I'll fess up.


I've been helping out with/at OccupyOakland for the past week, and disillusioned with the people "running" the show seeing as how they made up a bunch of stupid rules then screamed at/chased away the cops for no reason while they camped out in front of City Hall illegally....that's how I found out that the latest crop of so-called "anarchists" around here love the concept of law/control and violence just as much as the people they claim to be against.


Don't get me wrong, the fact that people are camping out/talking to each other while they squat out in front of City Hall part is cool and overall I'm stoked that it's happening...but the "let's get together, make a bunch of rules then go heckle the cops for doing their job" and assorted unnecessary drama part left me cold. Awesome, guys...you did exactly what human beings do and have been doing since the Stone Age.


I'm tired, drunk/stoned, covered in/smell like God knows what and confused. And rambling about shit that seems disjointed to everyone except everyone but me because over the past week I figured it all out (not really).


because everythings bullshit in the end anyways. what did you expect, man? seeing the same shit here in boston. shits ridiculous. (walks-away-and-gets-another-beer-0ner)


Those hoodrats deserved everything they got. I've had to lay hands on a few crazy cunts before, so I know how hard it can be to control yourself in that situation, never mind after doing 10 years. Poor bastard probably just lost at least another 5.


I once had the kid working the Taco Bell drive-thru come outside to try and fight me. He got scared and ran back inside, where he proceeded to punch a wall/break his hand.


Cool story, self


fucking hilarious. just picturing that scene pan out. :lol:







and as for these maCdonold's musky hood rat hoes. GOOD!

they ARE literally the worst, most ignorant, god-awful people

on the face of the earth! i wish more people were willing to do bids

to exterminate the lot of them. (my family members excluded of course th0)

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The dude was wrong, but the two women taking it personal because he had to check their $50 bill are naive. That's protocol for employees to always do that with big bills.


Also, don't go jumping over a counter and going at someone and thinking just because they have on a McDonald's uniform, that you're above getting an ass-whoopin in return.


He went overboard though by hitting them while they were still down. That will hurt his chances at claiming self-defense.

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kind of a bitch move. a real men would have used his fists to crack those ladies skulls.


Only one to say it (I think)...


If she's good enough to throw them, she's good enough to wear them


(not from a pole)



The screaming biatch may work for him, as he could possibly clainm the Rats were making gun references.

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