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Remember when yall donated to that junkie...?

Earthworm Jim

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So you dropped out of school to take care of your sick mother because your older sister didn't.


Is your mom better?


Did your sister finish school, does she have a good paying job?


Where's your dad, maybe hit him up for cash?


Moms had a hysterectomy, shes back at work as of very recent. She's got stacks of medical bills to pay now so I'll continue to help her with my paychecks til she's caught up. Sister works part time at a pizza shop and doesn't contribute much because shes a raging cunt.


What most of you aren't getting is, I don't want my GED to get a better job, I know they don't check that shit, I need it so I can enroll in college, because they do check that shit. Setting up the test tomorrow and starting classes hopefully by January. I'm not some jobless chump begging for change, I asked for a favor, got it, gonna do something with it, and I'll wake up in the morning and continue working my ass off like I do every day...

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bro. there is not 1 single job anywhere that is going to check if you actually have your high school diploma.


just throw that shit on your resume.


This. I have my GED, but I attended three years of a really good high school before dropping out, so I've always just put down that I graduated from there. I would imagine only the CIA actually looks into that shit.


My boy is currently in the midst of an ongoing beef with his fiance, where he tells her he won't marry her unless she at least gets her GED. You can tell he's having some serious second thoughts haha

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Since your mom's out of the woods with that shit, tell her not to waste her money paying the medical bills.

Nobody does that shit anyways.


The economy's crashing, and the medical industry is one of many reasons why.

So it's their own fault when they get stiffed for their ridiculous bills.


Tell her to hang on to that money. She's probably gonna need it.

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Howabout donating to this broke motherfucker so I can get my GED and get a job that doesn't involve manual labor?


All a GED did was make me feel a little less worthless...telling people what they want to hear made me more employable.


How much you love me 12oz?


Since the answer to this will probably make you feel more worthless, I'll pass.


If you care about money, I'd recommend trade school.

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Whos begging? I just got the donation im looking for, and that person knows I'm good for it... Not all of us had mommy and daddy put us through school, and actually struggle to put food on the table. So if you didn't have any advice or spare change from your trust fund, you shoulda just clicked the back button instead of trying to act cool. And you're clearly mad, because if you were cool as a cucumber, you wouldn't have even responded to defend yourself...


Im late to the party obviously but, dawg askin for money on the oontz is not a good look. I put myself through school. Shit happens yet askin for interweb peeps for money is jankie as fuck. I can barely pay my rent right nlw. You think ima ask these knuckle heads for money? no. Not gonna happen. Hustle aquire money to make rent. Stop being lazy. NURGA! Wonk sagrun!

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Unions suck.


They give people job security that enables them to fuck the dog and be "protected" by the union.

Nothing worse then putting in a hard day's work and getting paid the same as the slacker that does nothing all day long.

I prefer to work a job that pays me my worth by performance.

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