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an odd situation...

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ok I have a odd scenario, has anyone ever had a old man(white beard and cane style) or a guy in a wheelchair try to fight them?


what to do?


fight the lesser being? or walk away being the so called "bigger man?"


Id say its a bad look to fight someone on social security or a guy who has to piss sitting down not by choice.


That being said if an old man went to put his wrinkly hands on me id lay that mother fucker out, as for the guy in the wheelchair it depends if its temporary or permanent.

If he has a broken foot or sum tell him youll rematch him when he can stand up like a man, if its permanent let that shit go hes got a hard enough life as it is.

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from my experience women only talk to you when they want money, or something that costs money, like clothes and shoes and shit. she's probably trying to butter you up for some sort of cashola, either that or she's trying to mindfuck you so you two will get back together, only to rip out your heart and use it as a pin cushion. your only option is to show up at her house extremely intoxicated and fuck her til you manage to rupture one of her spinal disks. make sure to tape it and post it here..unless she's ugly. if thats the case don't bother. then afterwards continue to ignore all her calls and block her on facebook, and then periodically show up to fuck her brains out... free pussy, no strings attached, i don't see how it can go wrong.

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also i recall my friend telling me when the black wheelchair guy

was acting hard and coming at him, he told him something along

the lines of "sweep kicking his head off like a bowling ball mid-air"

and my friend started extending his leg kick-pose as the stupid wheels came at him


and wheels must have got some sense and backed off.....

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