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The Wall: A flawed masterpiece, June 22, 2004

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"First off, let me say that this movie DOES have a plot. It shocks me that so many Pink Floyd fans would think that the movie is plotless. I would have thought that more Floyd fans would have either caught on or listened to other fans when they explain the plot. The movie is about a rock star named Pink who lost his father to the war while he was only a small child, dealt with an over protective mother all his life, had a failed marriage (mostly his own fault) and was also a rock star who abused the power he had over his audience, still a nice statement for the mindless sheep who follow a band blindly and become obsessed to the point of losing their own individuality. Pink began his career as a rock star to escape the every day Hell that he had to live with, one that haunted him for years.

That said, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was a ground breaking album and a step in rock and roll that HAD to be taken. A band like Pink Floyd had to exist so that they could inspire other bands (Tool and A Perfect Circle come to mind) to produce honest to God, good rock and roll with a heart and something real to say, rather then the mindless soulless corporate crap that clutters up the radio today. The character here builds up an emotional wall around him to guard his vulnerability, something that we've almost all been through at one point or another in our lives. Pink Floyd by all accounts were a revolutionary band, the first band to go the extra mile with their art and were wildly successful with it. Of course, this is just one reviewer's opinion, I've always understood a person's reason for not liking Pink Floyd. The band is not for everyone. Some don't want to be dragged along for over an hour, following a story with music. Some just want good tunes to blast in their car or headphones and that's understandable.


Down to the movie. It's more or less over an hour of music videos, before there were such a thing. The dialogue is the music which is more of a narration which could turn some people off. I personally would have loved to see a real movie with real dialogue because everything about The Wall is theatric. From the album to the stage show. Here, the music is the film and the scenes are the background. Reverse the rolls and you would have one Hell of a movie, in my opinion. Which is not to say that this movie is without it's good points. For instance, "Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2" is a great point in the movie. The maze to represent a school is brilliant and so are the kids being lead into a meat grinder. A great social commentary on crooked education, with teachers that revel in taking out their own problems on the kids they're paid to teach. "Comfortably Numb" is also another high point. There's too many videos to run through, so I'll just say that they vary from being great (Goodbye Blue Sky, The Trial, When the Tigers Broke Free), to just being ok (Young Lust).


The real shining star of this movie is Gerald Scarfe. His animations are AMAZING. "Goodbye Blue Sky" is really the high point of the movie, hands down. The symbolism is great and on point and gets the point across beautifully, more so then the regular scenes with actual acting. "The Trial" is also everything it should have been and more. (The judge is a butt with a face on it. How true is that?)


All in all (no pun intended), you should get this if you're a real Pink Floyd fan, who hasn't just heard a few songs here and there on the radio. You should also buy this if you've read all the reviews on here and have a good grasp on what you'll be spending your money on. This film is not for everyone. This is the type of movie where if you don't get it, you'll most likely just watch it once and never again. Maybe twice if you're thinking that you missed something that you should be getting. And if you do get it, it's a great experience that you'll dig out every now and than for a fun time. As depressing as the movie is, there is much positivity that lies beneath the surface. So many of us have the emotional wall around us that we really do need to break down in order to enjoy life, love and all the other adventures that the world has instore for us. You have to dig beneath the surface with this movie like much of Pink Floyd's work to get the concept. If nothing else, you can enjoy the music as it sounds better on this DVD than the album. There's also two new songs. The bonus features are rather plentiful, featuring the original documentary on the movie, a two part retrospective, the music video for "Another Brick on the Wall pt. 2", the "Hey You" scene (which was cut from the movie because Roger Waters thought it dragged the flim on too much but is actually quite great), the trailer, a still gallery and commentary by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe which is great and at times very funny. If nothing else, the bonus features may interest you.


If you'd rather experience The Wall in a different way and are interested in seeing just what the live shows for the album were like, I'd strongly suggest Roger Waters' "The Wall: Live in Berlin" DVD. It's a great DVD despite some stale guests here and there. A truly great thing to witness if you really love the album.


One love to all,




kevin rawwin









this is a review i came across on amazon. even though ive seen the movie countless times i never pieced together the plot like this. thought this may be interesting to someone out there. didnt feel CH0 would be the right place to share this. i left the review of the movie just to keep the authors words complete.

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